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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
I don't really care who is or who isn't on the roster. At the end of the day, the wrestlers and characters are just tools in providing an entertaining product and as long as you manage to do that week after week after week, does it really matter who you use?
I agree, if you can make Colin Delaney vs Eugene an exciting feud, with compelling characters then that's awesome. I love when writers push someone that in real life never got pushed or never would be pushed. All I was saying is you see a lot of guys start a BTB and straight away ignore the time period and release a bunch of guys. So for example WWE 2009, Ted Dibiase gets released (even though he's in Legacy), Drew McIntyre (even though he was being pushed hard), Swagger and Khali (cause he's shit, but he serves a purpose). Then they hire Brock Lesnar (who was with UFC so that's impossible), Christopher Daniels, Roderick Strong and AJ Styles or something. It's too much for me. I get the "if you write entertaining shows then who cares?" notion but the problem is most guys that do stuff like this and ignore the storylines that went on at that moment (ofcourse you can give your own spin and eventually create new ones) don't write entertaining shows 'cause they just hire their favorite wrestlers without thinking of what to do with them.

Trantrum also makes a good point that having too many big names/main eventers isn't good either. TNA somewhat has that problem right now, they are trying to keep Hardy/Aries/Roode/Angle/Sting/Samoa Joe/Anderson/Bully Ray/RVD credible without recycling the same feuds over and over again. Ideally Anderson wouldn't be in TNA anymore, he's just a nuisance right now and unmotivated.

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