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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Twisted14 View Post
What is this CAL scale you guys have been using lately? From what I've been able to tell, you are giving and taking away points depending on the rating you give it, and anything below ** gets points taken away while anything above, receives points.

A good explanation would be nice though. Seems to be useful for giving a show an overall score. I always have trouble with that as I'm just picking a random number pretty much. Not sure if I'm entirely correct, but either way I'd need an explanation and I may even start using it.
The CAL SCALE was something I came up with in order to rank the 2012 PPV's at the end of the year. I gave points to matches depending on how good they were. It was basic as hell, but did the job nicely. KoK has messed about with it so it's a little more advanced, and I've changed it as well for my current RR reviews. My version looks like this:

The Cal Scale

NO = -1 (a "NO" match is a match that I simply cannot bring myself around to watch. So if I can't watch it, it gets minus 1 fucking point)
DUD-* = 0
*1/4-** = 0.5
**1/4-**3/4 = 1
***-***1/4 = 2
***1/2 = 3
***3/4 = 4
**** = 5
****1/4 = 6
****1/2 = 7
****3/4 = 8
***** = 9
MOTY/GOAT = 2 (This one all depends on how you are using the scale. Ranking all the PPV's would likely see you giving a match the MOTY award, whereas me reviewing all the RR events would allow me to use the GOAT award for the greatest Rumble match of all time. Can only be used once)

An example of me using it:

1992 Royal Rumble - 13.5

The New Hart Foundation Vs The Orient Express - ***1/2 - 3
The Mountie Vs Rowdy Roddy Piper - 1/4* - 0
The Bushwhackers Vs The Beaverly Brothers - NO - -1
The Natural Disasters Vs The Legion of Doom - ** - 0.5
30 Man Royal Rumble Match - ***** GOAT (imo the greatest Rumble ever so it gets the 9 points for being 5 stars, then 2 points for being the GOAT Rumble match, as I'm doing a list of all the RR's) - 11
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