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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2009

1) ECW Championship - Ladder Match
Christian(c) vs Shelton Benjamin ~ *

2) WWE Intercontinental Championship
John Morrison(c) vs Drew McIntyre ~ **1/4

3) WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool(c) vs Mickie James ~ DUD

4) WWE Championship - Tables Match
John Cena(c) vs Sheamus ~ ***

5) World Heavyweight Championship - Chairs Match
The Undertaker(c) vs Batista ~ *1/2

6) Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston ~ *

7) WWE Unified Tag Team Championship - Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match
Chris Jericho & Big Show(c) vs Shawn Michaels & Triple H ~ *3/4


~ Opener was trash. Christian is the man. Always will be. Especially during 2009. Shelton had already started to suck here and it showed. So many lame spots for the sake of spots. 5 minutes of this match took place outside of the ring for no reason whatsoever. Hated it. Glad Christian retained.

~ Decent to the point where I found Morrison vs McIntyre near above average range. Morrison didn't hit Starship Pain though. That certainly didn't help the match out. Solid enough neck work by Drew and Morrison's comeback gave me entertainment. It was only one of two matches from this show I got a kick out of seeing. Drew wins and beings his ride as IC Champ. oh how that feels like such a distant memory.

~ lol @ McTaker & Piggy James. moving on.

~ Alright, a GOOD match. Sheamus and Cena clobber each other for about 15 minutes. It's pretty entertaining. The moment the match started I began to commentate the bout like Dusty Rhodes. Screaming "clubberin" over and over again b/c it reminded me of that type of match he'd go nuts for. Good use of the gimmick and overall a good match that I still to this day enjoy. Finish was logical in letting Sheamus take the championship and not have Cena look bad in defeat against such a fresh face to the main event picture. Although it wouldn't have hurt Cena to do so either way. Still, I'll credit the company for some booking logic there. Sheamus winning the championship was such a moment for me.

~ UNDERTAKER VS BATISTA~! in a chairs match? FUCK. These never seem to work. No exception here. Completely blah with a laughable bad/illogical finish. Teddy Long doesn't like low blows in matches where people bash each other with chairs. :|

~ Seen one Orton match as the Viper seen them all. Seen on Kofi Kingston match seen then all. That's what you get here. Same ol same ol.

~ TLC match was BORING. With the men involved I expecting something fun. Especially from Show. Nothing. Stuff happens for about 20 minutes then Jericho dies and it ends. End of entire bad show. Ignagual TLC event was like a trainwreck. How 2010 managed to bounce back I'll never know.

Sheamus vs Morrison from TLC 2010 > everything on this show by a country mile + 3 of the oceans that cover this planet we live on. I'd recommend a pass.

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