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Re: Things that annoy you?

- Repeating myself drives me fucking nuts. I have a very deep voice and sometimes it's hard for people to hear what I say when there is a lot of people around and by the 3rd time I am repeating myself I have to make a conscious effort not to get angry at the person. It's silly, I know.

- Cell phones. I fucking hate them. People become zombies to them and they might as well be surgically attached to them. I'm tired of walking behind people who are texting and they suddenly stop or are weaving from right to left as they text and I can't get by them. I've almost been hit while biking a gang of times from retards who are texting and driving. I've watched people walk off curbs, run into poles, walk out into traffic and walk into doors while texting. NO ONE needs to be that connected all the time. No one. I'm not home? Guess you have to wait until I get home, bitch.

- People with shitty hygiene that train Jiu Jitsu. This is just common courtesy and a lot of fucking people lack it. You just have to accept that you're going to sweat on each other and shit, that's just life when it comes to it. But if you smell like shit and don't shower beforehand and have long nails and toe nails (when rolling it's not uncommon at all to be cut by someone's long ass finger or toe nails), then come on, son. Have some decency. I always make sure to keep my finger and toe nails cut very short and I ALWAYS shower right before going to training. Again, it's common courtesy and a lot of fucking people lack it.

- These fucking Native American assholes who are protesting all over Canada and blocking streets and rail ways. I'm so sick of them being all over the news, banging their stupid fucking drums and singing their stupid fucking songs and dancing around. You can't have it both ways, bitch. They get special treatment because they are Native and the government are pussies when it comes to them. They have been blocking rail ways here for days now and if ANYONE else did it the cops and SWAT would be all over those motherfuckers. If I went and held up a rail way with 5 of my friends, the cops would take us down so fucking fast. But no, because they are Native they don't get touched and the rest of Canada is getting pissed because of this special treatment. Get rid of them all, seriously.

- Weed dealers who smoke too much of their own shit. This highly (no pun intended) annoys me. For the past few days now I haven't been able to get any because then they wouldn't have enough to smoke for themselves. This fucking defeats the purpose of being a fucking dealer and given how much I fucking buy from these people, it's extremely disrespectful. Handle your shit better, you weak bitch. I keep the fucking lights on in your house and you can't sell me 2 because then you wouldn't have any to smoke for yourself? Go fuck yourself, hooker.
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