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Re: Controversial letter to lesbian couple sparks outrage

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Should it matter if the pepoole dont belive there is a bomb? if they dont belive there is a bomb we should not tell them?

I'm saying force them to chnage just I persnoly cant nlive with my self if I belived something like that and I just said "I should mind my own bussnies"

I'm not saying for them to change, ban them, or hurt them

they are free to do what they will, but my morals will not allow me not to becuse there is evena chance I can chnage one personbs mind then it is worth it

just an FYI I believe being gay is a sin just like lying, I lie, I have no place to talk in this case

Gay can make it to heaven just like those who lie IMO

But for those who dont share it I can understand why they warn them

I would not be upset if someone told me I was going to hell for doing something, in fact to me it shows they care, its the ones that dont do anything never speak up that are 100% with the idea of me going to hell that bug me.
What kind of comparison is that? No one chooses to be gay. Why would someone go to "Hell" if they were born a certain way?

Thank you Edge.

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