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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

2013 Royal Rumble Preview
27 January 2013

Every year, The Royal Rumble is where the Road to Wrestlemania begins. And this year, it will be no different, as 30 of the WWE’s finest stars compete in the gruelling royal Rumble match, with the prize being a place in the Wrestlemania main event! But the Royal Rumble match is not the only important event this Sunday. Both World champions will put their gold on the line at the Royal Rumble. Newly crowned champion, Alberto Del Rio attempts to defend his World Title against The big Show in a knockout match. And CM Punk puts his WWE title on the line against the champion of the people, The Rock.


WWE Tag Team Titles no1 Contenders Match: The Usos vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Team Rhodes Scholars have spent the past few months chasing after Team Hell No!’s tag team titles. At The Royal Rumble they have a chance to earn one more shot at the gold. Stading in their way however, is the dynamic duo of The Usos.

The Samoan brothers are the twin sons of Rikishi, and have spent the last few years struggling to break out in the WWE. However, they’ve been given a golden opportunity to do just that at the Royal Rumble.

Will The Usos finally get their breakthrough, and earn a shot at the Tag team titles, or will Team Rhodes Scholars get a chance to finally overcome their rivals, Team Hell No!?

WWE Divas Title Match: Eve vs Kaitlyn

After months of cheating to keep the title, Eve is backed into a corner, and Kaitlyn has a chance to finally take what Eve has kept from her for months. Kaitlyn has pinned Eve twice in as many weeks, and if Eve gets disqualified or counted out, Kaitlyn will win the title.
Will Eve find a way to keep clinging on to the Divas championship? Or will Kaitlyn get what she has been seeking her entire career?

World Heavyweight Championship Knockout match: Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

Two weeks ago, Alberto Del Rio shocked the world on Smackdown, when he defeated Big Show to win the world title in a last man standing match. But can he repeat the feat in a knockout match? The Knockout match is Big Show’s speciality, and a match he has never lost. As The world’s Largest Athlete Pointed out on Smackdown, it’s hard enough to knock someone out, when they’re Big Show’s size, let alone when you could be hit by a knockout blow from a 16 inch fist at any time. However, last Friday Night, Alberto Del Rio laid the Giant out with a stepup ezeguri, proving that he is most definitely in this match.
Will Alberto Del Rio be able to withstand the assault from The Big Show? Or will the power of The world’s Largest Athlete be too much for Del Rio?

WWE Championship: CM Punk vs The Rock

CM Punk reign with the WWE title has lasted nearly four-hundred-and-fifty days. He has fought off challenger after challenger, and constantly defied the odds to keep his title. But this Sunday, he faces a man who he has never faced before. A man who will go down in wrestling history as one of the very best ever in the business... he faces The Rock. The most electrifying man in all of entertainment has sworn to end M Punk reign of terror at the Rumble. On Monday CM Punk claimed that The Rock was no more than Vince McMahon’s pet, and that The People’s Champion stood for everything he despised. Something definitely has to give when these two titans of professional wrestling meet in the ring for the first time ever.

Will Punk overcome even more opposition to his reign? Or will The Rock on his return to the WWE take the title for the first time in over a decade.

The 2013 Royal Rumble Match

This one needs little explanation. 30 men. 90 seconds between each entry. One place in the main event of Wrestlemania up for grabs.

If you’re interested by this, feel free to pop by the WWE 2013 thread to see if it’s up. If you’re waiting, why not leave a prediction.

EDIT: The Show is up!
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