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Re: Things that annoy you?

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Slightly confused as to what FB has to do with being in HS considering it was originally made for college students, but ok.
It was created for college students, but majority of people on facebook are like teenagers aren't they?

And by acting like they're in high school, I mean like how people are obsessed with being on facebook, and constantly have to post pictures of what they're doing,who they're with and all that, every hour.

Originally Posted by Queen Akasha View Post
People who block the aisles with their shopping carts and refuse to move when other people are trying to pass through.

People who are rude or mean for no reason.
Not so much aisles for me, but on the street, for example, people on sidewalks. They take up lots of space on a sidewalk cause of a stroller or their big scooter thing, yet even though they see you walking towards them(since you're going other direction) they either just stop for no reason, or move so slow(and are directly in the middle of the sidewalk, so there's little space on either side to even pass them by, but there'd be so much more space if they kept to one side!))

And ya, people who are rude for no reason too. Maybe it's cause I'm in school still, but I always hear people bashing other people(who they don't know) just cause that person walks by them. I see someone walk by a group of people, and after they're gone, those people start talking lots of bad stuff about the person who walked by(they don't even know who that person is either,they just make fun of people for no reason at all).

On public transportation especially is the rudest people. If it's not entirely important that you get on the next bus or something, and you see that you're gonna have to stand inside of it, just wait for the next one, cause if you stand in a bus, it's guarantee there's someone in there who pushes people out of their way like crazy.

I also hate people who make things feel so awkward/annoying at stores or some other place. If I go to a place for the first time ever(or one of first times ever), I have to look around to find something(or if it's a sub place, I have to see ingredients they have first), yet the people at the store acts like it's uncommon for someone to have rarely gone to their store before....

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