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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Night Four: Damn This War

Someone cut CHAMP's legs out from under him. Very sad

Spoiler for CHAMP was...:

"Oh, Han's no mystery man. What you see is absolutely what you get. His past is a mystery, yes. He's never said much and I doubt he ever will."
- Leia Organa Solo

You're Han Solo, New Republic aligned. Smuggler turned Rebel turned galactic hero, you've gone respectable now. That said, you're still very unorthodox in your approach to galactic affairs.

Bus Driver - Every night you can swap two people, and roles that would have affected one will instead affect the other.

MrMister was out running some training exercises in his X-Wing when he found himself overwhelmed by enemy ships.

Spoiler for MrMister was...:

"He's just a Tatooine farm boy who thinks the ability to shoot womp rats from a speeder can make him a hero."
- Horton Salm

You're Gavin Darklighter, New Republic aligned. You're a young pilot for the New Republic. Once the old guard moves on, your time to shine will come.

Back-up - You inherit the abilities of a specific player.

Skyfall was visiting an unknown world on Chief of State business, when suddenly the entire planet was vaporized. HOLY SHIT.

Spoiler for Skyfall was...:

"That is our goal: To become the New Republic in fact as well as name."
―Mon Mothma

You're Mon Mothma, New Republic aligned. You're the New Republic's first Chief of State, the highest position in the government. Your voice means a lot, obviously.

Double Voter - Your vote counts for two.

Showtime was quite pleased with himself, but little did he know his arms were just too short to box with God.

Spoiler for Showtime was...:

"We Hutts have our pride. It is our greatest wish to become respectable, true businessman rather than powerful outlaws."
Lord Durga the Hutt

You're Lord Durga the Hutt, Darksaber aligned. You're the most powerful Hutt after Jabba's death, and have designs to obtain ultimate power over the galaxy using the reconstructed planet-crushing Death Star superlaser (phew), the Darksaber.

Rolethief - Each night you have the option of stealing someone's role, if possible. If you steal a role, you can use the role once per night for as many nights as you wish. If you choose to steal another role, you will lose the previous role. You cannot use a stolen real and steal a new role on the same night.

Day Five begins. With 13 alive it is 7 for a lynch.

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