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My Rumble Predictions

The royal rumble, one of the most watched pay-per-views, (because we actually CAN'T predict what exactly the WWE creative has in store) is coming up. I have created my own prediction as to how this match will unfold. Here is how it plays out...

1. The music cues. The first entrant is Wade Barrett. He comes out looking determined to go all the way. He will make a decent run, but the numbers will be against him.

2. Kofi Kingston comes out. They have a good in ring battle, with Kofi showing his athleticism.

3. Out comes Evan Bourne, to a decent pop. He instantly returns to Kofi's side, and works on Barrett.

4. Jinder Mahal comes out, and the pace starts to slow down, as he begins to ground Bourne. Then Kofi hits Jinder with Trouble in Paradise, followed by a Shooting Star Press.

5. Christian returns. He begins picking up the pace, dropping everyone to the ground, until Barrett slows him down.

6. The clock buzzes, R-Truth. He begins brawling it out with Barrett in the corner.

7. Daniel Bryan, and boy is he pissed. He just lost the tag titles to Rhodes Scholars, and screams No as he comes down the ramp. He dumps Evan Bourne out of the ring by pulling down on the rope, when Evan goes for a cross body.

8. Drew McIntyre. He enters the ring, and begins attacking Christian.

9. Dean Ambrose. He begins assaulting the already tired Kofi Kingston, and Barrett.

10. Khali. The ring begins to fill now, with 9 superstars battling it out. Khali performs his infamous chops on everyone's heads, then throws Jinder out of the ring. Then, in usual fashion, all of the superstars recognize the threat he is and begin to work together, and attempt to throw him over, but can't do it. He knocks them all over.

11. Mark Henry returns! Displaying his power, he returns to a pop. He single handily lifts khali and dumps him over the rope. He gets back into that hall of pain form.

12. Santino Marella. Surprisingly, he lasts a little while. He hits the cobra on McIntyre, and gets some good hits on Ambrose.

13. Seth Rollins. He and Ambrose instantly eliminate Santino Marella, and Drew McIntyre.

14. Rey Mysterio. He picks up the pace of the match, with Evan Bourne gone. He hits the 619 on the shield members, and Daniel Bryan.

15. Sin cara. He and Rey begin working on Henry, and right as Rey goes for the 619, sin cara hits him with a drop kick and eliminates him. Everyone begins booing, and it sets up the storyline.

16. Ric Flair returns! He starts wooing around the ring, and begins lighting up Barrett and Bryan with chops.

17. Roman reigns. The shield gets together and begins assaulting Henry. They throw Henry out, to his first time beating from the shield. They assault Christian and Flair and toss them out as well.

At this point we are over halfway through. The ring is massive right now, with the likes of Barrett, Kofi, Truth, The shield, Sin cara, and Daniel Bryan. Time for some cleaning up.

18. Enter Ryback. The crowd chants feed me more as Ryback rushes to the ring and begins attacking the shield. Ryback goes beast mode, and eliminates all 3 members of the shield. Everyone else is in a corner resting, looking on. Sin cara gets up and attempts to surprise Ryback by hitting a mid air cross body, but gets caught and thrown out. The stars left in the ring include Ryback, Bryan, Truth, Kofi, and Barrett. Until the shield enters the ring and assaults Ryback, throwing him out of the ring. Ryback chases the shield out of the arena.

19. The Miz. He assaults the tired remaining superstars. He looks at the fans, and asks them which one of the superstarshe should put in the figure four. The crowd cheers loudest when he points to Bryan, so he does the figure four to Bryan.

20. Antonio Cesaro. He comes in, showing his finesse power house moves. He eliminates Truth with a strong clothesline, and tosses out Kofi. Good showing from both of those men.

21. Dolph Ziggler. He takes control of this match as of now, as he and Cesaro go at, with Barrett and Bryan squaring in the corner.

22. X-PAC. He comes out to a big pop. He begins working on everyone in the ring.

23. Shelton benjamin. He comes to a good pop, and reminds the fans of how athletic he is, when he has the spot in the match. He later gets knocked off of the apron, and lands on the announcer table. He then long jumps himself back into the ring. Nobody gets dumped though, as Cesaro slows him down.

24. Heath slater. He is primarily just a filler, sat around to be a elimination from one of the up and comers.

25. John Cena. He begins dealing Aa's left and right, except for Benjamin, who lands on his feet, and hits Cena with a tbone suplex. .

26. Kane. He instantly goes at it with Bryan in frustration of their loss. Kane eliminates Bryan, and gets hit by a zigzag from Ziggler. Shelton then hits a pay dirt on Ziggler, followed by one on slater. Shelton then turns around into Barrett boot into the face, followed by a power bomb.

27. Sheamus. He hits his infamous brogue kick on Barrett, who finally gets eliminated. He also delivers one to Kane and Miz, eliminating Miz.

28. Big Show. He comes in, cracking skulls left and right, he catches Sheamus' brogue, and gives him a knock out punch. He delivers a choke slam to Orton and Cena. He tosses Slater and X-PAC.

29. Big E Langston. He is in no hurry to get into the rumble, and on his way to the ring he catches Ziggler as Cena AA's him out of the ring. He throw Ziggler back in, who goes to work on Cena. He takes on big show, and show goes for the knockout punch but Langston catches it. He then lifts Show and dumps him over. He turns around to Cena Power bombing Ziggler on to him, ultimately eliminating Langston but Ziggler holds on.

30. Chris Jericho returns. He comes out to a big pop. He instantly goes for Ziggler, the man who tried to retire Jericho. He hits the code breaker on Ziggler, and dumps him with a clothesline.

Every entrant is in, this is how the remaining story plays out...

Remaining superstars: Cesaro, Benjamin, Cena, Jericho, Orton, Kane, Sheamus.

Jericho and Sheamus are standing currently. Everyone else is down. They look eye to eye, symbolizing what happened last year. Benjamin and Cesaro stand up, and assault Sheamus and Jericho. Benjamin works on Sheamus while Jericho fights Cesaro. Cesaro attempts to toss Jericho, but Jericho holds on. He does his famous pull himself over the top rope maneuver, and hits a code breaker, followed by a lionssault. He puts Cesaro into the walls of Jericho, and wears him out, then eliminates him in the corner. Meanwhile, Sheamus Irish whips Benjamin over the top rope, and he lands on the apron. He then jumps onto the top rope, and bounce of the rope jumping towards Sheamus. BROGUE kick of the year. It is similar to how Shawn kicked Benjamin's head off with sweet chin music. He then tosses shelton over, and shelton gets applauded on his way out.

Remaining superstars: Cena, Orton, Kane, Jericho, Sheamus.

Cena and Orton enter the fray. They drop jericho and Sheamus, as Kane sits up. He attempts to double clothesline Cena and Orton, but then they both kick off him. They double irishwhip Kane off the ropes, and he returns with a double clothesline. Sheamus, now back up, tries to brogue kick Kane out of the ring. Kane avoids it, nearly sending Sheamus onto the mat. Kane hits the just stood up Chris Jericho with a chokeslam, and then Bryan comes out. Bryan begins attacking Kane mid match, and eliminates him. They brawl all the way backstage.

Remaining Superstars: Cena, Orton, Jericho, Sheamus.

Here we go. Cena and Orton get up first. They begin throwing punches. Orton goes for an Rko but gets pushed off, into a Jericho code breaker. Jericho than runs at Cena who delivers an Attitude adjustment. Sheamus goes for the brogue kick on Cena, but he avoids it and Sheamus gets his legs stuck on the top rope. Randy rolls under the ring. He grabs Sheamus and delivers his rope DDT to Sheamus, from on the apron and Sheamus facing the other way this time. Sheamus gets DDT'd onto the mat, falling about 8 feet. The crowd makes a uttering sound of disgust as randy has turned into a killer again. Sheamus gets taken out on a stretcher. Orton then hits an Rko on Cena. Orton sets up for a punt, but it gets reversed into an Stfu. As that happens, Jericho hits a lionssault on the backs of both Cena and Orton. He then disposes of Orton.

Jericho vs. Cena.

They go back and forth, hitting lefts and rights. Then the rocks music hits. He comes out with his new belt. He decides to sit down and watch these two go at it, from the commentator stand point. He has had history with both of these men, and says that whoever wins this can be expected to challenge him. Jericho tosses Cena on to the apron. He then runs up the turnbuckle and try's a drop kick, but Cena dodges. Cena rolls back in the ring, and begins lighting up Jericho. Jericho try's to hit the code breaker once more but gets caught in mid air and set up into the attitude adjustment. He uses the AA to throw Jericho over, who gets a beautiful spot by grabbing on to the ropes while getting thrown, and ends up dangling, holding onto the top rope for his life. He then attempts to skin the cat, but Cena is there waiting, and he catches him while he's doing it, and Jericho ends up right back on his shoulder. He then AA's Jericho out of the ring for the win.

Winner: Cena.

This sets up the wrestle mania match between Cena and the rock. It took me a long time to make this. Thoughts?
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