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Re: Could Dean Ambrose be the face of the company?

If Kane with or without the mask can be on posters, so can Ambrose. I know Kane has a more outrageous, cartoony, out-of-this-world look, but I don't think WWE is opposed to marketing someone who looks and acts like a psycho. He's not as good-looking as Orton or Austin, but there's not some cardinal rule within WWE that they'll only put pretty boys out there. They promote multiple stars, and then see who sticks to determine who gets to stay in the main event and who gets to be the one or two top guyss. They will promote him as a main eventer, they're not just gonna sit on the guy cuz he's not pretty. Once he's a main eventer, we'll see how fans respond and how important he is to storylines. I'm sure he'll be a main event heel well before he's ever made a main even face (if he's ever a main event face), so any internal WWE bias about the look is not a challenge. He's a BADASS, not a role model.

Austin wasn't all-American, he was a challenge to the system. Attitude meant he was a rebel, he wasn't an athlete showing sportsmanship, he brought an "anything can happen" feeling. It wasn't just a wrestling card, the wrestling card was a stage for a bigger story about characters we were attached to. Its a lot like the nWo, where it wasn't about wrestling as much as who the wrestlers were and what they were about. Dean Ambrose can bring that. Ambrose can make it a story about the wrestlers themselves, and how they'll one-up eachother on Monday night. I just feel like everyone else is stale and repetitive RELATIVELY SPEAKING, even CM Punk, who I can't begin to glorify as someone who isn't stale and repetitive.

No one in WWE is religiously opposed to thinking outside the box. Vince McMahon has radically changed pro wrestling, sometimes for good and sometimes not for good, a dozen times since he took over in 1981ish, and ratings have been consistently falling for over a decade. If they have a bright idea (and they think about this more than we do), they'll try it.

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