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Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
....so what you're saying here is i need to be a gun enthusiast to participate in a debate about assault weapons?
Are you really asking me if you have to have good knowledge of what you're debating about to be an actual contributor in a debate? That explains your posting history on this topic PERFECTLY.

You clearly seem to be upset about the whole thing with Cat and Rants. I'm not even sure what that has to do with any of this. Typical ad hominem once someone has come along to refute your argument is what that looks like.
No, I'm not upset with it. I'm just telling you to stick with what you're good at: posting shit. You have not refuted anything. All you have said that they are more powerful than hunting rifles WITHOUT HAVING ANY EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT BECAUSE THERE IS NONE. IT IS A FACT THAT HUNTING RIFLES HAVE MORE POWER THAN "ASSAULT" RIFLES. YOU ARE A LIAR.

Bro, you're defending the fact that assault weapons, weapons which do more than just HOLD MORE FUCKING AMMO, belong in the hands of civilians.
I'm not defending anything, don't play spin doctor my man. I'm just piping in with facts and have not given my personal opinion as to what should happen to this one time. You are misinterpreting my FACTS as a defense, which again, tells me all I need to know.

You still have yet to answer why guns that are military/law-enforcement issued belong in the hands of civilians?
Did I say that they belong in the hands of civilians or are you just reading into things trying to create an argument (which you will lose) for yourself? Do you even know why the AR15 was adopted by the military? To allow more ammunition to be carried on the Soldier in the Vietnam war because the weapon and ammunition itself were lighter than what the opposition was carrying. The line of thinking was "More ammo, less power, more chances to field a deadly hit BY VIRTUE OF HAVING MORE AMMO. Less ammo, more power, less chances to field a deadly hit BY VIRTUE OF HAVING LESS AMMO.". Seriously, do some research on the power of "assault rifles" compared to "hunting rifles" and get back to me. This is your queue to bow out so you don't like completely ignorant.

If you own an assault weapon, what do you use it for? Seriously, answer the question, stop attacking me as a poster, or get the fuck out of the thread if you dont know how to properly debate a point.
Again you confuse my facts with taking a side and creating a quicksand argument for yourself.

Originally Posted by fergieska View Post
No they're not. They actually dopped by 9% in the last year as noted by the government
The statistic that you quoted was referring to total knife/sharp object offenses, which was not stabbing deaths as TehBrain clearly singled out and you quoted.

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