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Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Originally Posted by Boulle View Post
Protect your home and land with a gun then eh! can't you just use a baseball bat?
Please let this post be satire.

Originally Posted by CoRyP2008 View Post
Exactly. I think we have this false idea in our heads that since we have the constitution and since we're the land of the free and all that something like the Nazis couldn't ever happen. Just look at how easy people are willing to give up freedoms just so they feel safer, what's to say that during a time of trouble like a depression, they wouldn't be willing to give up more? All it takes is the right ingredients and it could very well happen.
I was having a conversation about this with a few of my friends a couple of days ago and they used the excuse of "We're America" to justify their opinion that America could never drift into a dictatorship. It's not like Germany was a third world country when Adolf Hitler came to power. Like you said, all it takes it some adversity and a politician who comes along with great charisma, oratory skills, and promises to fix things. Because of this, people will willingly submit to this person in order to "fix things."

All the government needs to do is scare people into giving up their rights and that is what they're doing. 9/11 happened over eleven years ago, yet the government stills spies on their citizens under the guise of "keeping us safe" from our enemies. The funniest part is that our supposed "enemy" is al Qaeda, yet we're funding them in Syria. They can't be that much of an enemy if we're helping them overthrow the leader in Syria.

The stupidest people in the world are those who blindly trust their government.

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