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Re: Obama plan: Ban assault weapons

Both sides have valid arguments. I don't believe that we should get rid of all guns but yet I don't think we should have free access. It's naive to think that banning all guns would stop criminals and the like from obtaining them and it's also naive to think that everyone will be responsible with them. I support the banning of assault weapons but we can't just stop there. We need to really look more in depth on why shootings like Sandy Hook happen and focus on the root causes of stuff like that because taking guns away won't suddenly make people less crazy.

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
And don't be so sure that what happened in Nazi Germany can't EVER happen in America (or anywhere else in the world). What makes America different from the rest of the world? We're all humans, after all. All you need is a power-hungry leader who has the ability to brainwash the masses. Human nature hasn't changed in only seventy or so years.
Exactly. I think we have this false idea in our heads that since we have the constitution and since we're the land of the free and all that something like the Nazis couldn't ever happen. Just look at how easy people are willing to give up freedoms just so they feel safer, what's to say that during a time of trouble like a depression, they wouldn't be willing to give up more? All it takes is the right ingredients and it could very well happen.


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