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Re: SPOILER *all five books* THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

Trifektah, I think you're mission the point. The reason a lot of stuff didn't happen(even though a fair bit did) in Dance is that George needed to get Dany, Tyrion, Barristan, Victarion and Jorah all in the same place, with it all making sense and fitting.

Winds is gonna be an awesome book. This is what we potentially have:

The Battle of Mereen
Dany uniting the Khalasars
Cersei's trial
The Battle for Winterfell
A possible Ironborn raid on Oldtown, with Sam, Alleras and Jaqen all present.
Jon more than likely warging Ghost and learning about The Others
Aegon attacking and taking Kings Landing
Arya being sent to kill someone important

The whole point of Feast and Dance was for Martin to put all the pieces in their place, nd to start setting shit up. Shit is about to hit the fan soon, everyone is where he needs them to be.

Also, I've come across a couple of interesting theories, to do with the show. One is that Talisa(DAT ASS) is secretly a Lannister spy and was sent by Tywin to get close to Robb, and will help orchestrate the Red Wedding. Another is that Talisa could take Jeyne Poole's place, and instead of having the whole fake Arya deal, we get Ramsay forcing Talisa to marry him, as he would have the right to rule Winterfell even then.
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