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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Wow. Just wow @ reading back through this day. Legit feeble minds allowing the SK to survive and lead a lynch on town, albeit a very suspect town (I told you about the instance I was hider, hid behind Titania twice and didn't die, yet she was scum, and nobody acknowledged it).

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Also since this is New Rebublic Era I kinda doubt Jacen Solo is anything but a New Republic aligned Mason. He didn't go Sith until a later era.

but I could be wrong.
Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Yeah i'm not saying its impossible I just find it unlikely.
We've found Jacen

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Roy is scum, btw. I'm thinking sXe is too. It's just how they acted when I said I was Chewie. That's how I knew Nov was scum. He knew I was fake claiming when he really had no reason to do so... so he tried to find a way to call me out on it but he made it obvious he knew. sXe did too.

I'll run a list down to help town before I'm lynched.
I've had you on my list from day 1 and pointed out how many holes your claim had in it on several occasions. Don't try and flip it around to make me look scum.

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Seriously go back and look at sXe's posts, he knew I was fake claiming.

Mikey Damage - obviously town

Ziggler - obviously town

McQueen - obviously town to me


McQueen looking more and more scum

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Nov and sXe made it quite obvious they knew for sure. Take Roy out and then sXe. I could shoot one of them tonight if you wanted.
Shooting at me would be very, very unwise. Explosive even.

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
vote roy

that's a hammer I think
First post of the phase is the hammer vote. Typical scum Lawls.

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
I never was scum. I was the subject of an idiots tunneling.
It's not tunneling when a legit case is being made. What part of that are you incapable of understanding? Or is your sheer ignorance blinding your ability to effectively play the game?

Originally Posted by CHAMPviaDQ View Post
roy (8) - MrMister, McQueen, Mikey Damage, obby, CHAMP, King Kenny, Skyfall, + LC, Lawls

Then a late vote from Rising
We know for a fact that Kenny, Skyfall and Mikey are town from this wagon.

Leaves McQueen and Lawls looking bad.

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
Shoot MDP. He thinks I'm scum.

Seriously though, I'm not actually sold Mav is scum. It'd be folly to listen to me anyway. Roy being town has me rethinking my entire life. What has it all been for?
Someone makes a little sense

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
I've realized I'm suffering from some major PMS that's why I've been the way I've been lately. It only hits me this hard every several months, I think. When this happens little things that don't normally bother me totally aggravate me and I'll be oversensitive and emotional regarding everything. I'm sorry for swearing at Roger in Christmas Mafia after he apologized to me and I feel bad for being so hard on Showtime. It's the fucking PMS. Thank goodness it's starting to pass. The last time it hit me this hard I told you all to fuck yourselves in Doc's game since I didn't want to claim on day 1. The next time I start acting up just tell me I'm PMSing and need to calm down. Sorry Doc for calling you a prick as well. I know I can be a bitch when I'm PMSing.

sXe's play has seemed town to me with his usual tunnelling but this makes me wonder though no results doesn't equal scum. If he's the GF then he'd most likely be investigation-immune.
I called you on this, you raged about it, now you admit it. WHERE IS MY APOLOGY?

Thankyou. People try and use this argument on Rush all the time. No results does not equal scum. If you shoot at me tonight, LC, then you'll be ended. If you play it smart and don't, town would be very, very unwise to lynch me tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
ugh, why didn't we lynch the SK when it's obvious she's the SK? like, how many times does town have to make this mistake. I doubt she'll continue to kill who we ask or even do it this phase. she should go tomorrow like she have today. oh well, I was also under the impression that roy was scum because of the scrilla shit, I can't really fault you guys too badly on that.
Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Also, I'd like to hear from sXe before I shoot him.
If your bullet hits me, BOOM goes you

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
I'm going to take out sXe tonight so don't worry about that... and if that doesn't go through well you have another scum. I'll be dead so you can take them out in any order you wish.
Bad play

Originally Posted by Lawls View Post
Nice interactions between lc and magic. Still wondering how Roy had never died.

Anyone but an lc lynch tomorrow will be stupid.
Another pointless observational Lawls post.

Hopefully I'm still around for day phase. DO NOT LYNCH UNTIL I CLAIM, which I know I'll be forced to. Do not be swayed by the scum.
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