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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

WWE needs to sign Samoa Joe ASAP. Have Punk beat Rock, then Joe roflstomps Rock in the EC for the #1 contender. LEGIT badass buildup. Punk/Joe at WM and have Joe win.

Fuck it, I don't care. I miss awesome ROH Joe.

Edit: Realistically, I wouldn't mind Punk/Cena one last time. Especially at WM. I'm sure that's an unpopular opinion. Have an amazing MOTY match and have Punk win....clean. Really cement Punk's title reign and have Cena give him respect. Don't heel up the finish. Then with a huge win and a ton of momentum coming out of the match, might as well give the rub to Ryback (as much as I hate it) and have him beat Punk in a long awesome (I know...a longshot) match on Raw to kick off the new "year" for WWE.

You can either turn Punk or feud him with younger faces. A face Daniel Bryan or Tyler Black against Punk would really help them.

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