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Re: Things that annoy you?

People in my classes that act like they are the professor to point where they even try to undermine what the professor says. You're a fucking freshman like the rest of us and it's only your second semester like the rest of us. Shut the fuck up.

People who block the aisles with their shopping carts and refuse to move when other people are trying to pass through.

People who do nothing but complain about shit that they can't change. Example: my co-worker who constantly complains about some 29 year old guy who lives down her street who blew his scholarship to LSU to party and shit. Dude doesn't even bother anybody and mostly keeps to himself. Why the fuck are you so damn pressed about his life.

Overly religious people who have to bring up God/Allah or whatever they worship in discussions that have nothing to do with them.

People who say that things are wrong because "God says it is". How the hell would you know?

Attention whores.

People who fight over shit said on Twitter or any other social media website.

People who let their kids run wild in public.

People who are rude or mean for no reason.

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