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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
I've used Machop, I just never liked picking that one up specifically to fight Whitney with. I never liked just picking up one type to fight a specific gym leader and then leave behind, I liked just picking the six out I wanted and going through all the way with them regardless of if they were good or not (though I make sure they're different types). And an HM-whore to switch out with the PC of course.
I'm the same. I was just brought up that Machop's a great Pokemon to deal with Whitney, and because I often raised a Machop up to a Machamp as one of my 6 Pokemon that I was going through the game with, Whitney was never really too much trouble for me. Often times in files I'd use my favorites, and my favorites aren't the best of Pokemon, hell my favorite Pokemon is Electrode and he's not really that good, only useful for his speed and explosions lol, so I totally understand you there.

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
For some reason (aside from gen 1) I've always had trouble with Magnemites and Magnetons. I rarely wind up taking a fire-type so that probably has something to do with it. Now that they have that levitation thing too I can't even hit them with ground type attacks...

I haven't played any hacks myself, just some bootleg game called 'Pokemon Jade'. Which really isn't pokemon at all, just a poorly bootlegged game from Japan with a lot of nonsense dialogue. It's actually pretty great though.
Magnemite don't have the ablity Levitate, even though you think they would. Maybe you're confusing it with another Pokemon. Or you might be thinking of the move Magnet Rise which gives immunity to Ground attacks for 5 turns. And the only time I would have trouble with them is if I had a Pokemon with only Normal damaging moves, because they're the Steel type and they obviously resist it. But in the Gen II games all you need was a Geodude, or a Pokemon with a ground move (Dig is a common one) and that would destroy them instantly because they have a 4x weakness to Ground type moves.
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