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Re: Lance Armstrong admits to doping to Oprah

The following, taken from another forum, sums up my thoughts on this piece of shit better than I ever could myself:

Here's roughly what's going to happen now:

People will see this interview, with the lights dimmed, slow music intro to set the mood. Lance Armstrong is known for his ability to speak well (and lie) and has had months to prepare for this interview. Oprah will not ask hard questions regarding ethics because of the Discovery Channel - Lance Armstrong connection and that Oprah is on DC network.

So he will admit he was doped, something we've all known for a long time now. Then he will shed some fake tears and apologize and attempt to rationalize it in a very nice way (it's easy to manipulate when you've done it so long and had time to prepare).

A lot of people, especially Americans, will eat it up, just so they can cheer once more for their hero. And people will soon start saying shit like "Everyone was doped up when he was riding, so he was the winner amongst them anyway!" and other stupid shit like "He has apologized and confessed, what more can a guy do? He's just human and made some mistakes and now he has paid for them." (Which is of course pure BS)

This is exactly what Armstrong is betting his money on with this move. He has made a gigantic fortune through sponsorship deals that he was only given because of his champion status. So even if he pay back the money he earned through direct sponsorship from US tax dollars (US POSTAL), he is still floating in a sea of unethical cash.

He lied to sooo many, sooo many times. He accused people of being crazy, idiots and jealous. He threatened people. He NEVER admitted it, he kept lying 'til the bitter end when they finally stripped him of his titles. He has ruined carreers for honest riders, this is their fucking livelihood and he has ruined it. No different from straight up robbing people. He set the standard for doping and basically ruined an entire sport for a decade. Just a few months ago he was still posting obnoxious pictures of himself laying on a couch in his mansion with his shirts hanging on the wall, like a statement "I'M STILL CHAMP".

But now that he is being banned from every sort of events and livestrong wants nothing to do with him, he realize that the only card left in his deck to play and that is the sympathy-remorseful-sinner card, and he has played it now. And I am almost certain that people will gobble it up.

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