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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 26h January 2009
Live from the Wachovia Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

*Opening Video*
". . . To Be Loved"


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

"Sexy Boy"

Lilian Garcia:
Please welcome the new WWE Champion, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn MI-CHAELS.

The entire crowd are on their feet as 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels struts out to the stage with the WWE title draped proudly over his rightly shoulder. He stops & looks out into the crowd and drops to his knees at the top of the ramp, doing his trademark pose to a huge pyro explosion behind him. He stands back up with a big smile on his face, slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp into the ring, where he spins round like the good old days with confetti & balloons falling from the rafters. The fans are still on their feet applauding as his music stops.

"H-B-K, H-B-K. . ."

Michaels soaks up the ovation, taking it all in as he's passed a microphone by Lilian who leaves the ring for Shawn. The new WWE Champion applauds the fans and they quieten down eventually, allwoing him to speak.

Shawn Michaels:
After over 20 years in this business I thought I'd done it all an' seen it all. . . well I guess I was wrong.


Shawn Michaels: If you asked me this time last week whether I honestly thought I'd be stood here t'night after winning the Royal Rumble getting this reaction from you guys as the new WWE Champion I'd have t' say I was dreaming a fair bit. Don't get me wrong, I've always believed in my ability, but at this stage of my career with the unpredictability of the Rumble match, the odds were against it. I've been in a lot of Rumble matches in my time but never has the WWE Championship been defended, only once has it been on the line in the Rumble but knowing that the winner automatically goes to the main event of Wrestlemania t' defend the title at Wembley Stadium, the first time Wrestlemania goes outside the States an' Canada, well let's just say I said t' myself, hell I wanna piece o'that.


The former WWE Champion, Triple H strolls out to the stage in jeans and a T-shirt to a barrage of boos as he stares down furiously at Michaels, and The Heartbreak Kid turns to look up at his former best friend giving him the dirtiest of looks. The crowd continue to boo the livid former champion as he slowly makes his way down to the ring, not taking his eyes off the new owner of the title, and Michaels too watches him all the way up the steps and into the ring. The Game stands up and gives him the eyes before kicking his way through some balloons to get a microphone of his own. He's passed one and he turns back to walk right up to Michaels, breathing heavily as his music stops, bringing out the boos as he just about manages to stop himself attacking Shawn, who stands there cool as ice looking back at The Game. He takes a deep breath and steps back, still struggling to keep his composure.

Shawn Michaels:
Well I guess you've not come out here t' give your old buddy a pat on the back, so are we gonna get all this over an' done with or what?

Triple H: Get all this over an' done with? Shawn, I don't think you understand this situation. This might be your dream, your last chapter or however it was you put it but this isn't something we settle here an' now then just move on. You're standing there with my title, an' this dream of yours you're in right now, regardless of our hist'ry is the start of the worst nightmare you'll ever have.

Michaels realises just how serious The Game is and the smile is fading fast.

Triple H:
Last night I was forced into a position no one else has ever been in, f' good reason. Expecting anyone to defend the WWE Championship in the Royal Rumble, let alone as the number one entry is beyond unreasonable, yet I came that close to doing just that. Ev'ryone wrote me off, ev'ryone, but I knew if anyone could do it it was me. I gave it ev'rything, absolutely ev'rything. I fell that little bit short but it doesn't mean it's over Shawn, not by a long shot. You've been in this business long enough t' know that ev'ry champion has a rematch clause in their contract, and you can talk all about how you're going to fulfil this last dream of main eventing Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, but Shawn you're going t' be defending it against me.

Shawn Michaels: We might not be the best of friends as we once were, an' since I'm officially a Raw superstar again the thought of you an' I dancing on the grandest stage of them all, well it just makes this all even better.

Michaels extends his hand to Trips who looks shocked & appalled.

Triple H:
Let me make something clear t' you Shawn. This isn't going t' be about two long time friends battling it out f' the right to be called champion. Now you have my title, this is personal, and through hell or high water I won't stop until it's back around my waist.


Triple H: And it will be Shawn, mark my words. You might've overcome the odds last night but lightning won't strike twice. That title will be my mine again, even if that means one of us gets seriously hurt, that's the price that we'll have t' pay.

Shawn Michaels: Hun'er I'm not gonna stand here an' say anything other than that right now I'm damn proud t' be the WWE Champion, but at the same time I have perspective. There's nothing better in this business than bein' right at the top. All my career it's all been about getting t' this level. With you, the last year it's taken over your whole life. It's not healthy my man. Look at what it's cost you. You've lost your friends, your wife an' your kids. There are some things worth more than this title Hun'er, an' now you don't even have that.

The Game stares right at Michaels, not appreciating in the slightest what Shawn's trying to say.

Triple H:
I don't need a lecture. The only concern you should have Shawn is for your own well being. You know better than anyone what I'm capable of, what I've done t' people, an' at this stage of your career, the last person you wanna piss off is me.
The Game drops his microphone and pulls off his T-shirt, and walks right up to The Heartbreak Kid, getting right in his face with Michaels standing firm, not intimidated at all.

Hold it right there Hun'er.

A pop breaks from the crowd as Eric Bischoff paces out from the back with a microphone in hand and Triple H turns round looking up furiously at him.

Eric Bischoff:
Trust me Hun'er you don't wanna do that t'night. You'll wanna hear what I've got t' say.

The Game & Michaels both look up, curious as to what Bischoff has to say.

Eric Bischoff:
I couldn't help but hear you talk about this watertight rematch clause you plan on using. See in theory you were right. However in exceptional circumstances that clause can be declared void, and I feel I must advise you that these circumstances include putting your hands on a referee, a fan or your boss.

The fans cheer again, feeling sure they know what this means with The Game feeling the same way as he glares up staring daggers at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Now seeing as you put your hands on me several weeks ago, that means only one thing, I have ev'ry right to declare your rematch null an' void, and that's exactly what I've done.

*Huge Pop*

The fans are making a racket as Triple H stomps over to the ropes and mouths something up at Bischoff, absolutely furious at having his rematch taken off him.

Eric Bischoff:
What that means is, we need to determine who will challenge Shawn at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. In three weeks we'll find out who that'll be, because at No Way Out there will be a number one contender match. Those superstars involved will be determined by three qualifying matches that will take place right here next week. After what we saw earlier t'night, The Big Show an' Chris Jericho will go one-on-one with no count outs.


Eric Bischoff: That way there's nowhere f' Jericho t' run. . . It's also going t' be The Undertaker going one-on-one with someone who earlier on stuck his nose where it wasn't wan'ed in the Intercontinental Champion Sheamus.

*Another Pop*

Eric Bischoff: That leaves just one match, an' Hun'er that involves you. You're gonna be facing the man who last night eliminated you from the Royal Rumble and who you then attacked. If you're having problems with who that is, let me intr'duce t' you just who you'll face next week.

Bischoff steps to the side with The Game looking up at him, still furious.

"I hear voices in my head. . ."

The crowd goes nuts as Randy Orton slowly walks out to the stage and stares down intently at Triple H. The Game stares back with Michaels looking on behind him in the middle of the ring. Orton now walks down the ramp to midway and stops, getting a closer look at Trips and gives him the eyes, sending him a clear message going into next week as the show comes to a close with Orton & Triple H staring intently at each other and The Heartbreak Kid standing in the shadows watching.



Jim Ross:
Welcome ev'ryone to Monday Night Raw, live t'night in Philadelphia, an' what a night it's gonna be folks. We thought the Royal Rumble was huge but things just get bigger an' bigger. Right here live t'night as you just saw, there will be three matches to determine who'll go t' No Way Out t' f' the right t' face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania f' the WWE Championship.

"It's a shame that they lost their heads. . ."

The Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus walks out to the stage ready for action to a chorus of boos, not that he cares in the slightest.

Jerry Lawler:
It looks like we're not gonna have t' wait that long t' find out who the first superstar going t' No Way Out is JR.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

World Tag Team Championship
No DQ or Count Out
Rey Mysterio & Mystico (c)
vs. The Epitome of Excellence

As they made their way back up, Daniels reversed a whip and Mystico came back off the ropes to catch him with tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a single arm DDT. The fans were on their feet as Mystico raced into the cover, but Kaval stormed the ring to break it up at two to a ton of heat. The fans were furious, and so was Rey as he surged into the ring to take Kaval down. Rey stood back up and looked down furiously at Kaval when a chorus of boos broke out, and as Rey then turned round, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus charged at him and took his head off with the Brogue Kick. The crowd booed the hell out of Sheamus as he stared down at Rey with contempt and without remorse. The ref was powerless but tried to get Sheamus to leave, but all the Irishman did was kick Rey under the bottom rope. With all three men squirming in the ring oblivious to it, Sheamus dragged the motionless Rey up to fire him into the guardrail by the ramp, but he wasn't done there and scooped him up again at the foot of the ramp, lifting Rey into position for the White Noise, and he nailed it onto the ramp to an almighty thud. He stood up to even more heat, just smirking as he backed away from Rey as Daniels & Mystico sat up in the ring looking stunned. EMT's ran down the ramp past Sheamus as Mystico crawled to the ropes to get a closer look, looking concerned for his friend & partner.


Sheamus is in the ring and has a microphone in hand, smirking at the jeering crowd as his music stops.

From what I hear, my match t'night with de Undertaker is a so called punishment f' what I did t' Rey Mysterio last week but de reality is all Eric Bischoff's done is give me de chance t' become de dubya-dubya-e champion, an' trust me I will.


Sheamus: After I win t'night an' at No Way Out in a couple o'weeks I'll be goin' t' Wrestlemania t' face Shawn Michaels. Den I'll beat de Heartbreak Kid t' add t' my Intercontinental Championship. If dat's punishment f' what I did t' Rey, dat's fine by me. He got what he deserved f' dat fluke in eliminating me at de Royal Rumble, but starting t'night I'll get what I deserve 'cause no one's stoppin' me going all de way t' Wrestlemania, not Rey Mysterio, not Eric Bischoff an' not de Underta. . .


The lights are out and the crowd go nuts as "Rest in Peace" plays and The Undertaker walks out into the arena, smoke blowing across the stage.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

The Undertaker & John Cena
vs. CM Punk & Homicide

It came down to Cena & Punk, and after hitting a running knee strike in the corner, Punk went for a running bulldog out of it, only for Cena to counter and shove Punk forward, right into the referee and knocking him down. He stayed down too and as a shocked Punk turned round, Cena walked out and caught him with the F-U. The fans were cheering, but there was no-one to count the fall. Homicide then jumped off the apron and grabbed a steel chair before sliding in the ring. He went right after Cena, but Cena caught him with a right hand. Homicide picked himself back up with Taker stepping over the top rope too. He ran at Homicide and clotheslined him back down, and this time he dropped the chair which Cena picked up. Punk sat up though and pushed Cena back into Taker, knocking The Dead-Man down onto one knee. Punk stood up and aimed a stiff kick at Cena, but he sidestepped it, and then turned round to swing the chair at Punk, but the World Champion ducked and Taker walked right into it, just like last night when Tazz nailed Cena.

Taker fell to the mat and Cena looked on in shock and dropped the chair, but Punk quickly turned him round to lift him up for the GTS. The fans booed but Cena quickly slipped down and got Punk up for another F-U when Homicide stood back up. Cena put Punk down and ran at Homicide to clothesline him over the top, staring down at him as Punk approached from behind to roll him up, using the ropes as leverage as well as holding Cena's shorts with the ref conveniently back in the land of the living to make the count, giving Punk a cheap win. The World Champion quickly slipped out of the ring with "This Fire Burns" blasting out to a ton of heat. Cena stood up, seriously pissed as a smug Punk collected his title as Homicide picked himself back up. They walked round the ring to the ramp with Punk laughing at Cena and then the crowd with Cena watching their every step. Punk turned round on the ramp and lifted his title into the air defiantly. Cena watched furiously, much to Punk's amusement as Taker sat up behind Cena, and as Punk & Homicide headed back through the curtain, Cena turned round and got a death stare from an angry Undertaker, letting Cena know just how angry he was as Raw came to a close.


*The Opening Match*
Number One Contender Qualifying Match
The Undertaker vs. Sheamus

Sheamus was bang up for the challenge, but he needed to be against Taker with the fans vociferously showing their support for The Dead-Man. The Intercontinental Champion had them worried though, proving he was up to the challenge and a match for The Phenom despite a slow start. As the match went on though, the momentum swung in the favour of The Undertaker after he ducked the Celtic War Sword and went on a major offensive. The Celtic Warrior was rattled as Taker took the fight to him, hitting the snake eyes, then followed it up with a big boot right down the Irishman's throat. Sheamus was in deep trouble and quickly found himself on the edge when he struggled back up to his feet, walking right into a chokeslam.

The fans were counting along with the referee, but Sheamus surprised them all by getting his shoulder up at two to deny Taker the win. Taker though didn't let it bother him one bit and stood right back up, signalling for the end. He pulled down the straps and gave Sheamus a helping hand up from his knees, scooping him up over his shoulder for the Tombstone. There was still some fight left in Sheamus though and he slipped down his back and shoved Taker forward towards the ropes. Taker put the brakes on and turned back to walk right into an Irish Curse backbreaker. Taker was the one who kicked out this time, and the frustration & determination on Sheamus's face was there for all to see.

He turned Taker over on to his front and applied a Camel Clutch while driving his knee into Taker's back, causing some real concern for the fans as Sheamus did all he could to make Taker tap out. He couldn't though as Taker fought his way to the ropes, much to the delight of the fans. Sheamus was pissed but stood up and backed away, watching Taker drag himself up by the ropes, and as Taker made it up and turned away from the ropes, the Irishman stormed across the ring at him for the Brogue Kick. Taker ducked it though and tried for an irish whip, only for Sheamus to reverse it and follow in with a big clothesline. The Intercontinental Champion climbed up to the second rope and hammered away at Taker's skull until The Dead-Man came to life, catching Sheamus by surprise by stepping out of the corner.

He lifted Sheamus up above his head to a huge roar from the crowd and sent him on his Last Ride. The fans were on their feet as Sheamus was driven into the canvas, but somehow Sheamus just managed to get his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. Even Taker showed some slight surprised, but no sympathy as he slowly made his way back up, watching the weary Sheamus claw his way back up too. Taker again signalled for the end, and as Sheamus turned round, he was again scooped up for the Tombstone Piledriver, and this time The Dead-Man hit it, driving Sheamus's head into the canvas to get the three count and book his place in the number one contender match at No Way Out, met with a massive ovation for The Phenom.

Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall.

Jim Ross: Well if you ask me, Sheamus got exactly what he deserved t'night f' what he did last week, an' King no one will wanna face The Undertaker at No Way Out in two weeks.

Jerry Lawler: You're not wrong JR. We could be looking at the number one contender right there.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Unforgiven Last September!

The fans think they know what’s coming and try to warn the squirming Batista. The WWE Champion has no idea how much trouble he could be in, and Young is watching on with a big smile on his face, looking very confident. Orton’s raring to go, holding on to the top rope at each side with both hands to stop him going for Batista already. The WWE Champion gets up on to all fours, giving Orton the green light to charge across the ring and he swings his boot at Batista’s head for the PUNT!!!. . . . . Batista sees him coming and ducks his head. He stands up and runs in to the ropes as Orton puts the brakes on. The Legend Killer turns round as quickly as he can with Batista coming back off the ropes to take him down with a SPEAR!!!. . . . .

BUT NO! ORTON STEPS TO THE SIDE AND BATISTA SPEARS THE REFEREE!!!. . . . . The Animal can’t believe it as he looks the ref in eyes, then realises there’s Orton to deal with. He races back up to his feet, unaware of Orton behind him on his knees, pounding the mat getting ready to strike. As Batista turns round, Orton leaps up and RKO!!!. . . . . HE HIT IT BUT THE REF’S DOWN!. . . . . Orton jumps on Batista for the cover only to see the ref laid out at the side of him. Orton’s livid! He sits up in anger, clueless of what to do next. He looks over at Young, and he too has no idea. Orton looks back at Batista, and The Animal’s eyes are open. Orton panics and stands up, then calls for Young to get him something, pointing towards the timekeeper’s table.

Young gets it and turns round, walks over to Lilian Garcia and grabs the WWE Championship. He heads back to the ring and slides the title in the ring to Orton, and the crowd boo like mad as Orton bends down and grabs the title. Batista’s clawing his way up on to his knees, and Orton steps back with the title in hand, getting ready to take his head off. The fans’ worry is obvious as Batista struggles up to his feet, totally oblivious as to what’s waiting for him. The focused Orton runs at him, but Batista ducks his head and lifts Orton up off the mat and plants him with another SPINE BUSTER!!!. . . . .

The fans are cheering now as the intense WWE Champion kicks his belt out of the ring, causing great concern for Young on the outside. He watches on as Batista bends down and drags the helpless Orton in to place for the Batista Bomb. The fans rise to their feet as Batista takes a quick look at Young, and it’s a mistake as Orton ducks down and low blows him to a ton of heat, and the ref’s still down and unable to disqualify him. Orton remains on his knees with a face like thunder, pounding his fists in to the mat again. He’s chomping at the bit, getting ready to explode when the crowd does just that, erupting with a barrage of heat. Orton’s too focused to see what his rookie can. . . . .

TRIPLE H IS PACING DOWN THE RAMP WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!. . . . . Young tries to warn his mentor, shouting at him and pointing, but Orton doesn’t hear him or takes no notice if he can as The King of Kings slips in the ring. Young jumps up on the apron and gets Orton’s attention, pointing behind him to the menacing sight of Triple H with a sledgehammer. Orton turns round and can’t believe his eyes. He stands up and RUNS RIGHT IN TO A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . . Young steps inside and charge at The Game, but he too is on the receiving end OF A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . .

Triple H stares down at the both of them with the weary ref lifting his head up off the mat and calling for the bell, awarding the match to Orton via disqualification. The crowd boo as The King of Kings turns his head to see Batista making his way up. Triple H turns round and sets his sights firmly on the unsuspecting WWE Champion. Batista stands back up as The Game sizes him up, then NAILS HIM WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!. . . . . The fans continue to boo the hell out of Triple H, but he’s not done. He surveys the wreckage with no remorse whatsoever as “King of Kings” plays. The Game lifts his head and looks around the arena at the fans that are booing him, giving them all one collective dirty look as Unforgiven comes to a close.


Todd Grisham is standing by backstage at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Joining me at this time is the WWE Champion, 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels.

The camera zooms out to show a very happy looking Shawn Michaels, the WWE Champion in his casual clothes standing next to Josh with a whole host of cheers coming from the arena.

Todd Grisham:
Shawn first off, welcome back t' Raw an' congratulations on your victory in the Royal Rumble and on becoming the WWE Champion. What I want to ask you about t'night though is the three matches to determine who'll battle it out for the right t' face you at Wrestlemania. We just saw The Undertaker defeat Sheamus an' there's still two huge matches t' come later on. You had words with Triple H last week as well, but who do you think will become the number one contender for your WWE title at Wrestlemania?

Shawn Michaels: I'm afraid that's out of my hands Todd. All I can an' plan t' do is sit back an' watch the rest of the matches like ev'ryone else. Whoever wins t'night an' at No Way Out, it's sure gonna be real tough at Wrestlemania, but Todd that's what being WWE Champion's all about, an' I love it. I can't wait t' get back t' London, t' Wembley, an' whoever it is it's gonna be a night t' remembe. . .

Some clapping can be heard in the background and the camera pans to the right, showing none other than Ted DiBiase standing there in his casual clothes too, sarcastically clapping the WWE Champion with Maryse looking unimpressed by him too as Ted walks towards him.

Ted DiBiase:
I guess I should be congratulating you Shawn but I think we both know that you got lucky at the Rumble an' that title you've got on your shoulder was meant f' me. I'm the one who should be holding that title an' main eventing Wrestlemania. I'm the star of this company's future. You're the past an' I know you know it too. I hope you enjoy it because very soon it'll be me headlining Wrestlemania, not you.

Shawn Michaels: Y'know y'might be right about it being my last Wrestlemania but luck had nothing t' do with it Jack. An' who knows? You might be the next big superstar an' I've always shown my support f' the stars of the future.

Ted DiBiase: Yeah, sure y'do.

Shawn Michaels: I sure do kid, an' since we're both here t'night an' I don't have a match, how about I give you a chance t' show the world how big a star you are right here in one of the best wrestling cities there is, Philadelphia?

DiBiase looks to the side to Maryse, shocked and being backed into a corner, quickly realising he has no choice.

Ted DiBiase:
Alright you're on, but you'll realise that you did get lucky at the Rumble an' that I should be WWE Champion.

Ted turns to the side and walks away with Maryse following and Shawn & Todd watching. Michaels smiles and goes to shake Todd's hand.

Shawn Michaels:
Well Todd it looks like I've got a match t' get ready for.

They shake hands.

Todd Grisham:
Well good luck, and thanks f' your time.

Shawn Michaels: No problem my man. You take care now.

The WWE Champion heads up the hall to get ready for his match, certainly enjoying being champion again when Sheamus walks past Todd. The Intercontinental Champion is holding his neck, looking rather angry and worse for wear, stopping & giving Grisham a dirty look, when all of a sudden he's attacked by Mystico. The Mexican pummels him with right hands and forearms, then kicks the Irishman in the stomach, hammering him with stiff kicks to put him on his knees. Some officials storm the scene and pull him away as Sheamus stands up clutching his stomach looking shocked & angry.

What de hell's y'problem fella?

Mystico tries to get away from the officials but they hold him back as he starts shouting angrily in Spanish at a baffled Sheamus.

Yeah whatever Pedro. Just don't do that again fella or I'll make y'sorry.

He casually walks past Mystico as he's still held back by officials.

Dean Malenko:
Let him go. He's not worth it.

As Sheamus walks further up the hall the officials loosen their grasp on Mystico, and then completely as he breathes heavily, staring in the Irishman's direction.

*Match #2*
John Morrison & Justin Gabriel
vs. Ezekiel Jackson & Orlando Jordan

Morrison & Gabriel were greeted with a very positive reaction from the crowd and they had them on the edge of their seat for the most part of the match. Their high flying, quick paced styles were evident throughout, but they met some serious resistance in the shape of a mean Ezekiel Jackson. After a blind tag when Jordan hit the ropes, the big man entered the ring behind Gabriel before turning him inside out with a lariat. The South African had to fight to hang on, and he did, side stepping a body avalanche with Jackson running into the pads. He staggered out right into a super kick from Gabriel, giving him the chance to crawl across the mat after falling back down to then tag in Morrison while Jackson did the same to bring Jordan back into the action.

It was all about Morrison from there as they stormed the ring, running right at each other with JoMo hitting a clothesline, and then another. Jordan was reeling and connected with a satellite spin into a russian legsweep. Jordan kicked out at two but Morrison went right back to work as they both made their way back up, instantly running into the ropes close by to hit a springboard enzuigiri. Jordan was circling the drain and Jackson could see it as Morrison urged OJ to get back up. Jackson hit the ring and ran right at JoMo who back tracked into the ropes and held them down to send Jackson falling down to the floor.

The fans were cheering, and as JoMo stood up, Jordan was back on his feet too. They ran at each other with Morrison ducking a clothesline and planting him with the Moonlight Drive after a stomp to the gut. Jordan was flat out on his back and The Monday Night Delight dragged him closer to the corner by his legs before tagging Gabriel, who raced up to the top rope to a big pop from the crowd. They rose to their feet and watched as the high flying South African hit the 450 splash to pick up the win for him & Morrison, and they celebrated at the bell with another win under the belts.

Winners: John Morrison & Justin Gabriel by pinfall.

Jim Ross: Once again King, I can't help but be impressed by this team of John Morrison an' Justin Gabriel. That's three wins in just over a week. They're sure making an impression here on Raw, that's f' sure.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Survivor Series Last November!

Batista turns round and sees the ref isn’t moving, showing some concern, but as he turns back to face Orton, THE VIPER LEAPS UP OFF HIS FEET AND CONNECTS WITH THE RKO!!!. . . . . Orton doesn’t see the ref down and goes right for the cover, then turns to see the ref flat on his back. Orton’s livid and bangs his hands in to the mat. He crawls across and tries to shake him back to life, to no avail. The fans start to boo as we see TRIPLE H SEE PULL A SLEDGEHAMMER OUT FROM UNDER THE APRON!!!. . . . .

Danger looms for Orton & Batista as The Game sneaks back in the ring behind the oblibvious Legend Killer. The King of Kings stands up with his deadly ally in hand, and as Orton give up trying to wake up the ref, he stands up and turns round IN TO A SHOT TO THE GUT FROM THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!. . . . . Orton drops to his knees and THE GAME BRINGS IT DOWN TO HAMMER HIM IN THE HEAD TOO!!!. . . . . A ton of heat comes from the crowd as Orton just falls back in a heap, not moving as the sadistic Triple H stares down at him without an ounce of regret before kicking him under the bottom rope down to the floor.

He now turns his head to see the WWE Champion shifting round on his knees, trying to get back up. The Game takes a couple of steps back as Batista climbs his way back up without a clue as to what’s waiting for him. He turns round and the intense TRIPLE H RUNS AT HIM, DRIVING THE SLEDGEHAMMER TOWARDS HIS FACE, BUT BATISTA COUNTERS WITH A SPINEBUSTER TO A MASSIVE POP!!!. . . . . Triple H drops the sledgehammer and Batista grabs it to another big cheer. The Animal rises to his feet with The Game’s ally in hand, waiting calmly somehow as Triple H claws his way back up.

Triple H makes it up and turns round with Batista waiting to strike AND THE ANIMAL SWINGS IT AT THE GAME, BUT TRIPLE H DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND LOW BLOWS THE WWE CHAMPION TO A TON OF HEAT!!!. . . . . A ton if heat echoes around the Air Canada Center as Batista drops to the mat to the sadistic satisfaction of The King of Kings. Orton lies helplessly & motionless on the oustide with his head busted open, but back inside Triple H rises to his feet and brings his sledgehammer with him with the fans still booing.

Batista struggles back up to his feet as Triple H sizes him up, getting ready to take his head off, and as The Animal makes it back up, THE GAME HAMMERS HIM WITH A VICIOUS SHOT TO THE SKULL WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!. . . . . The intense heat continues as The Game lets go of the sledgehammer and kicks it to the apron with the ref starting to come round. The crowd sense the end may well be near, and so does Triple H as he drags the dead weight that is Batista up from his feet in to position for THE PEDIGREE!!!. . . . .

The heat is incredible as Triple H stares disaprovingly in to the crowd before DRIVING THE ANIMAL’S HEAD IN TO THE CANVAS FOR THE PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . Batista’s not moving and The Game has to turn him over on to his back, then hooks the leg with the fans booing like mad as the referee slowly crawls across the mat to make the count. . . . .

1. . . . .

. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . 3?


“The Game” plays to a bombardment of heat from the Canadian crowd and Triple H drops his head to the mat and throws his arms up in to the air. The WWE Championship is slid in to the ring and the new champion walks over to collect it with the ref still in a bad way. The Game lifts it up off the mat and climbs up to the second rope to pose with the title, lifting it up in to the air with the fans still crapping all over his victory.

The King of Kings couldn’t care less as he steps down and goes over to the opposite corner, posing again with the title on the second rope. He again steps off the ropes and this time leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp with his newly won title over his shoulder. He gets to the stage and turns back as Batista starts to come round, not knowing where he is as Triple H throws his arms up in to the air for his trademark pose with the WWE title too.


The victorious team of John Morrison & Justin Gabriel are walking through the back, both laughing & joking after their win before the break, and they walk into the path ofBrie & Nikki Bella. The Bella twins stand there gawping at them for a second before Brie gets carried away and steps out in front of them.

Brie Bella:

Morrison & Gabriel stop and look a little taken aback by her jumping in front of them.

John Morrison:
Heyyy. You ok?

Brie just stands there looking at them as Nikki shakes her head.

Nikki Bella:
She's fine. I think she meant t' say she saw your match and wanted t' say how good you guys looked.

Brie Bella: So good. . . in the ring I meant, not that I mean you don't look good because you do.

Nikki turns to briefly look at Brie, looking embarrassed by her sister.

Nikki Bella:
Look, I don't know if you guys have any plans after the show but do you fancy maybe going out to, I don't know, celebrate your win t'night?

Morrison & Gabriel turn and look at each other, both nodding happily.

John Morrison:
Yeah I think we can go f' that. We've gotta get changed first though.

Nikki Bella: Yeah sure. Come meet us when you're good t' go.

Justin Gabriel: We sure will.

Gabriel smiles right at Nikki as he & Morrison now start to walk off.

John Morrison:
We'll catch you in a bit girls.

Brie Bella: Great.

Brie turns round smiling like mad, watching them walk off up the hall.

Brie Bella:
My god they're hot.

Nikki turns round and watches them and nods her head too when Cody Rhodes (in his ring gear) & Joe Hennig walk up behind them, not looking impressed.

Cody Rhodes:
My, you girls sure are pathetic. I get you're bitter after we ditched you both, but seriously, what's the fuss with those guys? Not only are we better looking than them, we're better in the ring too.

Brie Bella: You really think so? Look at them. You're not as hot as you think you are Cody, an' y'know what? I bet they'd kick your asses too. When was the last time you even won a match?

Cody Rhodes: As a matter of fact I have a match up next, which I guarantee I will win.

Brie Bella: Yeah well, who cares? Right now the only person who cares about you is you. . . well maybe him too. No one else does. Now if you don't mind we've gotta a date we've gotta go get ready for. Come on Nikki.

Nikki gives Cody a dirty look as she & Brie walk off giggling, not going down well with Cody & Hennig.

*Video Promo*

*Match #3*
JTG vs. Cody Rhodes w/Joe Hennig

JTG took full advantage of Cody's over-confidence early on, coming close to securing the win when he caught Rhodes with a sit-out jawbreaker. Hennig was relieved on the outside to see Cody get his shoulder up at two, and thanks to a minor distraction by his tag team partner as JTG went to climb the ropes, Cody was able to dodge a missile dropkick. JTG hit the deck and Cody was on him as he made his way back up, driving him down into the mat courtesy of an Alabama Slam. It wasn't enough to get the win though as JTG this time got the shoulder up. Cody wasn't best pleased, and after failing in continuing to put JTG away, he went for Cross Rhodes.

JTG pulled back though and then caught a stunned Cody with a spinning neckbreaker. It was only good for two though, and with the fans getting behind him, JTG could see the finish line. As Cody tried to get back up, JTG turned into the ropes, looking to hit a running front flip neckbreaker. Cody dodged it though and reacted quickly to send JTG spiralling into the mat via Cross Rhodes to pick up the hard fought victory, very much enjoying it at the bell, revelling in the heat from the crowd as he got his arm raised by the referee before leaving the ring and heading back up the ramp with Hennig, both smirking down at JTG as he sat up looking disappointed.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall.

Jim Ross: Cody Rhodes gets the win t'night, an' have you ever seen a look that smug King? You'd think he's heading t' Wrestlemania t' face Shawn Michaels.

Jerry Lawler: Well you heard the gorgeous Bella twins earlier King. Cody won't 'ave liked that JR.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho entered the ring looking very complacent while Show entered it with purpose. The Canadian quickly found out how much trouble he was in when he found himself backed up in the corner and on the receiving end of a forehand chop to the chest. Show didn't relent, and after Jericho fought his way out of a bearhug and thought he was on the comeback trail, he came back off the ropes to be lifted up off his feet and above Show's head. The World's Largest Athlete pressed him up & down before dropping him into the canvas to a big pop. Jericho was suffering and rolled out under the apron by the ramp, and when he managed to make it back up with the ref counting him out, he turned his back on the ring and headed up the ramp to a ton of heat, getting counted out with Show looking on in shock. He was furious as the ref counted to ten and as he was announced the winner, shaking his head in disgust as Jericho walked backstage and "Crank It Up" played. Show walked over to the ropes and shook his head again, showing the fans his frustration.


We're shown interviews from earlier in the day, starting with The Big Show as he arrived in the arena, being stopped by Leticia Cline.

Leticia Cline:
You've had a couple of strange matches with Chris Jericho the last few weeks, two count outs with both of you winning one each, plus he along with Triple H eliminated you in the Royal Rumble. T'night there'll be no count outs. Do you think that helps you Show or not?

The Big Show: Well at least this week he can't run away like a coward like he did last Monday night. He knew what would've happened if he stayed in that ring with me. T'night he's definitely getting knocked out, then I'll be going t' No Way Out, not Jericho. It's that simple.

The footage quickly switches to Leticia interviewing Chris Jericho as he too entered the arena.

Leticia Cline:
Chris, last week you were counted out against The Big Show. T'night you won't be able t. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . Excuse me but what happened last week was irrelevant. Ever since Eric Bischoff made this match last week, all I've heard is Big Show is going to knock me out and how I can't win all because he's twice the size of me. That was irrelevant when I eliminated him from the Royal Rumble. That was irrelevant when I beat him by count out two weeks ago. The fact is I may not be the largest athlete in the world. I am however the best in the world at what I do. That is why with my superior intelligence and talent I will overcome The Big Show t'night before going to No Way Out where I will once again be victorious to ensure I headline Wrestlemania and become the new WWE Champion.

*Match #4*
Number One Contender Qualifying Match
No Count Outs
The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

Both men were desperate to join The Undertaker in qualifying for the number one contender triple threat match at No Way Out in two weeks. Show especially was looking very determined, looking like Jericho had gotten under his skin in recent weeks. Jericho played it smart and after Show got a warning from the referee to close his fists, the minor distraction allowed Jericho to dropkick him in the knee. After placing Show's leg on the rope and bringing all his weight down on it three times, he eventually managed to apply a figure four leg lock. Show was clearly hurting but held on, pissing Jericho off before forcing his way out of the hold. Jericho wasn't happy at all, and after they managed to make their way back up, Show fired him into the ropes, but Jericho ducked a clothesline and quickly turned to take Show down with a chop block.

Jericho stomped all over the ankle and even dropped an elbow on it. He continued to work away at, but Show came back fighting, dodging a one arm bulldog and catching Jericho with a clothesline. Jericho was rattled as a fired-up Big Show took the fight to him, nailing him with a headbutt before nailing him in the corner with some body shots. The fans were enjoying it as Jericho slumped forward holding his stomach, but Show showed him no mercy and grabbed him, getting a rake to the eye for his troubles. Jericho turned to run the ropes and came back at Show, only for The World's Largest Athlete to meet him with a spear. The crowd erupted but as they counted along with the ref, Jericho got his foot on the rope at two to deny Show the win for the time being.

Show though was desperate to put Jericho away and stood back up, watching Jericho sit up before lifting his huge right hand into the air, getting ready for the chokeslam. The fans were cheering, and Jericho was oblivious as he stood up and staggered round into Show's clutches, but as Show tried to lift him, his ankle buckled and he fell to one knee, allowing Jericho to run the ropes and nail him with a dropkick to the face. He quickly followed it up with a lionsault but Show kicked out at two, not going down well with Jericho, especially with the fans cheering. The frustration began to show with the Canadian as he stood up and urged Show to do the same, slipping behind him as the giant hobbled back up, seemingly getting ready for the Codebreaker, and he was. Show dodged it though and stepped forward as Jericho hit the mat, but not for long.

As he stood up and Show turned round, Show went for a clothesline, only for Jericho to duck and the referee to take the brunt of it. He fell to the mat and stayed there as Jericho low blowed the shocked Big Show. The fans shit all over the remorseless Jericho as he looked down without an ounce of regret before heading to the apron and leaving the ring to get a steel chair. The fans booed as he entered the ring with it and tried to warn Show as he sat up. Jericho coolly walked towards him with a big smile on his face as he watched Show struggle back up to his feet. The smug Canadian lifted the chair up above his head with the ref starting to squirm but not able to see the action, and Show stood up to see Jericho bring the chair crashing towards him. Show though hammered the chair with his huge fist and it fell to the mat, surprising the life out of Jericho who this time fell victim to a chokeslam.

The fans were cheering, but the frustration was there for to see for Show as he stared down at Jericho and then saw the chair on the mat too. The fans cheered even more as he leaned down to pick it up, and as he did and again stared down at Jericho, the referee sat up and turned round to see Show with the chair and Jericho flat on his back. He then called for the bell, disqualifying Show for what he thought was use of the chair. Show pleaded his case, absolutely furious as he tried to tell the ref what happened, but he was having none of it, and when Jericho made it back up, Show snapped and nailed him with the chair before tossing it down to the mat. Show shook his head for a fair few seconds before leaving the ring unhappy with "Crank It Up" playing as the victor lay flat on his back in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Chris Jericho by DQ.

Jim Ross: If only Eric Bischoff made sure there were no disqualifications as count outs. Jericho got real lucky t'night an' because of that he's going t' No Way Out with The Undertaker an' either Randy Orton or Triple H.

*Video Promo*

>2 Weeks!<

*Commercial Break*

*Match #5*
Non-Title Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse

The Heartbreak Kid received a huge ovation from the fans as he entered the arena in his first match since winning the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble just over a week ago. DiBiase on the other hand was greeted by a chorus of boos, something he & Maryse didn't appreciate, but he was particularly angry at seeing Matt Sydal, the Smackdown superstar he'll meet at No Way Out joining JR & King at the announce table. Before the bell was rung, he made some gestures towards Sydal, and Maryse gave Sydal and his girlfriend, Mickie James some filthy looks too. Michaels was calm & composed and started the match well, taking control. It was Maryse who changed that and brought her boyfriend into the match when she grabbed Michaels' foot as he ran the ropes. Shawn stopped and looked down at her, as did the ref who gave her a warning, allowing DiBiase to catch HBK as he turned round with a falling clothesline.

Ted put the boots to the WWE Champion and kept him grounded before going to the ropes for a delayed falling fist drop. Michaels kicked out at two and Ted tried to keep control of the match but couldn't with Shawn countering a side headlock with a side suplex. The fans were behind The Showstopper all the way and he gained momentum of the match again, however as we got towards the end of the contest Ted turned the tide when he rolled out of the way of a diving elbow drop from the top rope by the WWE Champion. As they then both picked themselves back up, Ted ducked a wild clothesline and caught him with a neckbreaker, but Shawn got his shoulder up at two to stay in the match. Ted wasn't at all happy and questioned the ref's count, not that it made any difference.

He quickly turned his attention back to Shawn and was begging him to get up, and Shawn did as he was told. Ted stomped him in the gut and lifted him up for a vertical suplex, but he walked over to the apron and dropped him on to the top rope. Michaels was in no man's land and Ted dragged him across the top, leaving his feet hanging on before drilling him with a rope hung stunner. Michaels looked all but out and Ted turned him over by the ropes before making the cover, only for Michaels to get his foot on the rope before the ref could count to three. DiBiase couldn't believe it and sat up holding his head in his hands. Eventually he stood up and backed away from the ropes as Shawn sat up, and the arrogant third generation superstar was getting itchy feet with his eyes locked on the WWE Champion.

Michaels battled his way back up and Ted pounced straight away, trying to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, but Michaels fought it and turned round to lean forward and toss him over his shoulders and into the mat. DiBiase rushed back up, walking into jabs to the jaw. Michaels tried for an irish whip but it was reversed, but he ran through off the ropes again to come back for a flying forearm smash before a kip up to a big roar from the fans. They were cheering as Michaels had his sights set firmly on DiBiase, who stood up and walked into a scoop slam from The Heartbreak Kid, and it was second time lucky for Shawn as he connected with the diving elbow drop to another massive pop. He then retreated to the corner and tuned up the band with the fans stomping their feet in the crowd and banging their hands together as DiBiase picked himself back up, oblivious to what was waiting for him.

Maryse tried to warn him, but as he stood up, Michaels exploded out of the corner and took his head off with Sweet Chin Music to an almighty roar. The WWE Champion made the cover, getting the all but inevitable three count to pick up the victory before celebrating his victory with "Sexy Boy" blasting out, posing with the WWE title on the second rope while an unhappy Maryse looked on. Shawn then left the ring and slapped hands with the fans on the way back up the ramp, stopping on the stage to turn around and lift his title up for one last pop with DiBiase sat up in the ring looking angrily up at him. Michaels then turned to walk backstage but DiBiase shouted something at Maryse, and she went to get a microphone, bringing it back into the ring for her boyfriend as he stood up looking furious as Shawn's music cut.

Winner: Shawn Michaels pinfall.

Ted DiBiase: T'night I was robbed again, just like I was at the Royal Rumble.


DiBiase turns round and walks over to the apron, staring right down at Sydal and Mickie.

Ted DiBiase:
It was your fault that night like it is t'night. You're the reason I didn't win the Rumble. You're the reason I'm not in the main event of Wrestlemania like I should be, all because you know I was the real breakout star of year, not you. You know you were lucky t' win that, but you won't be lucky at No Way Out when I make you pay f' screwing me out of that, the Rumble and the WWE title.

Sydal shakes his hand and stands up at the announce table with a microphone.

Matt Sydal:
F' once, why don't you do us all a favour an' shut your mouth?

*Big Pop*

DiBiase's livid in the ring, talking smack at the crowd.

Matt Sydal:
Ev'ryone knows you've got a big mouth. All this talk about main eventing Wrestlemania. You're crazy. You're all talk. All you need to worry about is No Way Out, but I'll be the one getting payback f' what you did t' me at the Royal Rumble. You're the one that screwed me but that's fine. I can't wait f' No Way Out t' get in the ring with you 'cause payback's gonna be a bitch.

The fans love that and cheer as DiBiase & Sydal stare right at each other, Sydal keeping cool with DiBiase livid as "Born to Fly" plays.

Jim Ross:
I don't know about you King but I sure hope that Sydal does get the payback he deserves at No Way Out when he meets DiBiase one-on-one.

Jerry Lawler: Same here JR. I know as well as anyone what a piece of work he is. I think ev'ryone hopes he gets what's coming to 'im.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

World Tag Team Championship
No DQ or Count Out
Rey Mysterio & Mystico (c)
vs. The Epitome of Excellence

As they made their way back up, Daniels reversed a whip and Mystico came back off the ropes to catch him with tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a single arm DDT. The fans were on their feet as Mystico raced into the cover, but Kaval stormed the ring to break it up at two to a ton of heat. The fans were furious, and so was Rey as he surged into the ring to take Kaval down. Rey stood back up and looked down furiously at Kaval when a chorus of boos broke out, and as Rey then turned round, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus charged at him and took his head off with the Brogue Kick. The crowd booed the hell out of Sheamus as he stared down at Rey with contempt and without remorse. The ref was powerless but tried to get Sheamus to leave, but all the Irishman did was kick Rey under the bottom rope. With all three men squirming in the ring oblivious to it, Sheamus dragged the motionless Rey up to fire him into the guardrail by the ramp, but he wasn't done there and scooped him up again at the foot of the ramp, lifting Rey into position for the White Noise, and he nailed it onto the ramp to an almighty thud. He stood up to even more heat, just smirking as he backed away from Rey as Daniels & Mystico sat up in the ring looking stunned. EMT's ran down the ramp past Sheamus as Mystico crawled to the ropes to get a closer look, looking concerned for his friend & partner. Daniels looked to take advantage by sneaking up behind Mystico and rolling him up, but only got a two count. They both shot up with Mystico reversing an irish whip, but Daniels held on and caught Mystico with a raised boot as the Mexican ran at him.

It sent him spinning away, but as he turned round and Daniels ran at him, Mystico caught him with another super kick. Kaval tried to dive across on to Mystico to stop the count, but Mystico saw him coming and broke the cover himself as Kaval landed on his partner to a big pop. With the EMT's still attending to Rey, Mystico took the fight by himself, backtracking to the ropes as Kaval stood up and ran at him, only for Mystico to lower the ropes and send him down to the floor. The fans were going crazy, and as Daniels clawed his way up to his knees, Mystico went right after him, right into a low blow as he tried to help him up from his knees. The crowd crapped all over Daniels as he stood up intensely, looking into the stands without regret as he then leaned forward to bring Mystico up, setting him up for the Angel's Wings, and he hit it to even more heat. Kaval was sitting up on the floor and watched as his partner made the cover, getting the three count to win the titles for The Epitome of Excellence. Their music hit to a ton of heat as Kaval looked on showing a brief smile on the floor, and he then collected the titles as he stood up and then entered the ring with the EMT's still helping Rey on the ramp. Daniels was passed one of the titles and hugged Kaval before the emphatically raised the titles into the air in front of the furious crowd. Mystico had already rolled out of the ring and as he made it back up he went over to check on Rey too with the new champions celebrating in front of a disgusted crowd.


The new World Tag Team Champions, The Epitome of Excellence, Christopher Daniels & Kaval leave their dressing room ready for action when they're stopped by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham:
Gentleman, could I have a quick word with you.

Both Daniels & Kaval stop.

Christopher Daniels:
If it's quick. We've got a match any minute.

Todd Grisham: Yeah absolutely. I just wanted to ask you how it feels to finally be the tag team champions as well as your reaction to what happened in that match when Sheamus attacked Rey Mysterio because some people have questioned whether. . .

Christopher Daniels: . . . We said it'd be quick and it will be. What happened last week was unfortunate. We don't dispute that but what we do know is we deserved t' be champions before last week. We've said that all along. This time it went in our favour when it hasn't before an' we're not going to apologise f' that. All that matters is we're the champions, we deserve t' be an' soon anyone who disputes that will see diff'rently.

Daniels & Kaval give Todd the eyes and walk away for their match all business it would seem.

Jay Lethal is warming up backstage, stretching when Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim walk towards him and he stops, getting a filthy look from Kelly in particular.

Jay Lethal:
You got a problem or somethin'?

Kelly Kelly: As a matter of fact I do, the way you've treated Kofi. He's your brother y'know. What you've said an' done t' him is just wrong.

Jay Lethal: Is that so? That's funny coming from you barbie.

Kelly Kelly: What's that supposed t' mean?

Jay Lethal: I think you know what it means. It's not just Kofi I've watched since he came t' the WWE. I've seen those around him too, more specifically you an' how you led him on an' used him. Maybe you should look at y'self before you start on me.

Kelly looks stunned with Gail slightly surprised as Jay walks away from the two divas.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Three Weeks Ago!

The Big Show & Shawn Michaels
vs. Triple H & Chris Jericho

Triple H storms the ring and breaks up the cover with a stomp to the back of the head. Michaels is furious, as are the fans, and The Heartbreak Kid flies through the ropes and runs across the mat to clothesline The Game over the top rope, and the momentum takes him with the WWE Champion. Show & Jericho are both down as Michaels & Triple H try and make it back up to their feet on the outside, and Michaels gets there first and helps The Game up, but the WWE Champion reacts in a flash to send Michaels crashing into the steel steps.

Boos come from the stands, and back on the inside Show & Jericho claw their way back up as The Game drops to his knees and leans against the apron. He stops and a light goes off above his head, and he reaches under the ring, pulling out a sledgehammer to a ton of heat. He stands up and lifts his trusty ally up, looking at it with a sadistic look on his face. He slips back in the ring with Show & Jericho clueless, but the ref sees him and The Game just shoves him aside to run at Show, NAILING HIM IN THE SKULL WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!. . . . .

The ref calls for the bell, disqualifying Trips & Jericho, and the Canadian stands up looking shocked to see Show knocked out. The Game turns round and stares right at his partner, worrying Jericho. He has every right to be as the WWE Champion paces across and DRIVES THE SLEGDEHAMMER INTO JERICHO'S FACE!!!. . . . . A barrage of boos are thrown at The Game as he stands amongst the wreckage, then glares over at the referee, and the ref looks like he's about to make a mess in his pants. Triple H walks menacingly towards him with the ref really panicking.

"I hear voices in my head. . ."

The crowd erupts and rise to their feet as Randy Orton, for the first time in almost two months walks out to the stage. The Game turns round, shocked to see a seething Orton standing there glaring down at him with a face like thunder. He slowly heads down the ramp, eyes fixed solely on the stunned WWE Champion as he watches the man he put out on the shelf at Survivor Series on his way for revenge. The Game gets ready to take his head off as Orton calmly steps through the ropes and continues staring at Triple H.

They then charge at each other, TRIPLE H SWINGING THE SLEDGEHAMMER AT HIM, BUT ORTON DUCKS AND HITS THE RKO ON THE GAME!!!. . . . . It's absolutely deafening as Triple H hits the mat, sledgehammer falling alongside him. Orton stays on his knees but shimmies round, sticking his head right next to The Game's staring at him as he lies there out cold on the canvas. "Voices" hits again with the fans still cheering, and Michaels sits up on the outside, groggy and looking on shocked too with Orton still glaring intensely at the fallen WWE Champion as the show comes to a close.


From Two Weeks Ago

Gauntlet Match for Number 30 in the Royal Rumble
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Everyone including Taker watched eagerly awaiting his next opponent, and the WWE Champion made his way out to deafening heat. Fortunately for Triple H he came up against a slightly beaten down opponent, and it looked like The Game was about to win the fall when he sidestepped a high angle suicide dive that saw Taker hit the floor. The phenom just made it back into the ring before the ref could count to 10, really pissing Triple H off. He helped the resilient Taker up from his knees and fired him into the ropes, planting him with a spinning spinebuster as he came back. The Game meant business and didn't go for the cover, choosing now instead to go to straight to the Pedigree.

He watches Taker struggle back up to his feet and instantly stomps him in the gut, pulling him into place, but Taker counters with a back body drop. Both men are on their knees and they pull themselves back up with the crowd watching closely. The Game's so intense and charges at Taker, for a clothesline, but Taker ducks it and Triple H knocks down the referee, and he stays down. Trips looks shocked, but as he turns round, Taker grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam. The fans go nuts, but the WWE Champion responds with a swift kick to the groin, bringing out a ton of heat from the livid Missouri crowd. Triple H shows no remorse though as he sadistically watches Taker writhing around in agony. He now turns his head and crawls across the mat, slipping out of the ring and looking under it, bringing out his sledgehammer to a ton of heat.

The crowd erupts with a deafening amount of boos for the WWE Champion as he slips back in the ring with his trusty ally. He stands up looking at it with a sick look on his face as Taker claws his way back, completely unaware of what's in store. The Game's ready to snap, and he does, racing across at the phenom, but Taker counters with a big boot to put the WWE Champion down, losing possession of the sledgehammer as well. The fans love it too, and Taker looks furious as he sees the weapon, and he picks it up to another almighty pop cheer. The fans are going crazy as Taker gets a feel for the sledgehammer as Trips sits up, but so does the referee and he sees Taker holding the sledgehammer and wrongly calls for the bell to disqualify The Undertaker.

Neither man knows what's happening until Triple H is announced as the winner of the fall and the match to win the number 30 spot in Sunday's Royal Rumble, and for the first time in weeks the WWE Champion has a big smile on his face as he stands up with Taker shell shocked. Taker throws the hammer down, landing on the apron as he stares at the referee as he stands back up too. Taker shakes his head and turns round in disgust, reluctantly leaving the ring to a bombardment of boos with The Game getting his arm raised. "The Game" hits with the crowd furious, as is Taker as he takes one livid look back before heading backstage, leaving Triple H throwing his title defiantly up into the air.

?: Cut the music.

The music is indeed stopped and The Game looks up at the stage, confused & angry to see Eric Bischoff walk out.

Eric Bischoff:
It appears there's some kind of confusion, but this match, well it isn't over.

The fans cheer loudly as the WWE Champion shakes his head in disgust, not looking all that surprised as he looks up at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
There's still one man left to run the gauntlet, so referee please stay where you are 'cause we're not done just yet.

Bischoff steps to the side with Triple H mouthing some derogatory remarks up at him.

"I hear voices in my head. . ."

The crowd goes nuts as Randy Orton calmly walks out to the stage, turning his head slightly to look at Bischoff who's got a wry smile on his face. The Viper looks menacing as he sets off down the ramp, eyes fixed firmly on the man who put him out of action at the Survivor Series. The Game's seething inside but resigns himself to the fact he's got another match to get through as Orton climbs up the steps and enters the ring to a massive roar from the Missouri crowd. He stares intently over at Triple H, ready to go after over two months out.

Gauntlet Match ctd
Randy Orton vs. Triple H

The Game can't believe what's going on and snaps, running right at Orton, swinging the WWE title at him, but Orton ducks it and jumps up in the air as they both turn round, planting him with the RKO to a crazy pop. Missouri is going nuts for Orton as Bischoff looks on with a smile before heading to the back. Orton though isn't satisfied and just stares at The Game, still on the mat, getting his head in close to Trips'. The Viper's not done though and he shifts his position, then drives his fists into the mat forcefully, wanting more as the WWE Champion starts to come round.

His eyes are all over the place, and it takes him a day & age to get to his knees, not knowing where he is. Orton does though with the fans all on their feet cheering, and as The Game makes it up, still all over the shop, The Viper strikes with another RKO, this time going for the cover and getting the three count. The roof's almost blown off the arena as Missouri goes wild for Orton, who leans back on his knees looking down intensely at the man who put him out for two months.

Orton now slowly stands up to get his arm raised as he is announced as number 30 in the Royal Rumble. He turns his head and looks into the stands, still cheering like crazy, but he turns back and sees the WWE Championship on the mat. He coolly walks towards it and reaches down to it, slowly also before picking it up and looking right at it with intent. He looks down at The Game again, who's flat on his back with Orton standing above him with his WWE title.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

A serious looking Kofi Kingston is watching the events in the ring backstage on the screen at the interview set when Todd Grisham walks towards him, armed with a microphone.

Todd Grisham:
Hey Kofi. Is there any chance of a quick word with you?

Kofi turns round, not looking too willing.

Kofi Kingston:
Yeah I guess.

Todd Grisham: Well there's a lot of people who want t' know just exactly what happened in your match last night with your brother Jay when you seemed t' freeze just when it looked like you were about to go for the trouble in paradise an' win the match. What was it that was going through your head?

Kofi Kingston: Y'know Todd I don't know how t' answer that. If I knew myself what happened I'd say so.

Todd Grisham: I can't help but wonder if after ev'rything that's happened with your brother recently as well as losing the Intercontinental Championship last year, what happened with Kelly an' Cody if this bad time you're going through got t' you last night?

Kofi can't believe what he heard and stares in shock at Todd, who stands there waiting for a response.

Kofi Kingston:
Are you kidding me Todd?

Kofi looks at him in disgust and storms off with Todd bemused as to what he said that rattled Kofi.

*Match #6*
The Colons & Kofi Kingston
vs. The Epitome of Excellence & Jay Lethal

The new World Tag Team Champions didn't receive the warmest of welcomes to say the least, nor did Jay Lethal. They meant business though, but they faced tough opposition in Carlito and his brother, Eddie, but especially Kofi. He was well & truly fired-up for this one, but after doing a number on Kaval, Kaval reached up to tag in Jay. Kofi's brother calmly entered the ring with a smug smile on his face, but Kofi looked hesitant like he did at the Royal Rumble when he froze at the crucial point. He turned back and tagged in Eddie, slapping his hand before joining Carlito on the apron. As the match was drawing to a close, he was back at the heart of the action after being tagged in by Carlito at the same time Kaval was tagged in by Daniels.

They went at it furiously with Kofi ducking a wild clothesline and hitting the S.O.S. Kaval kicked out at two and was back up quickly, but so was Kofi as he ran into the ropes and jumped on to the second rope for a springboard reverse elbow smash. The fans were loving it, and Kofi was feeling it. He hit the ropes, going all the way up top for an incredible high angle cross body. The fans cheered as he took Kaval down, landing on top of him for a cover. Kaval kicked out and they again picked themselves back up. Kofi was first to strike again, this time with a leg feed enzuigiri. He didn't go for the cover though and geared up for the Boom Drop, and he hit it.

Kaval showed his resilience though by getting his shoulder up, much to the relief of Daniels & Lethal. Kofi shrugged off the disappointment in a flash though and stood up, all set for the Trouble in Paradise. That was until Daniels hit the ring, but the ref quickly blocked him off. Lethal then stepped through the ropes to try & get towards his brother, but he was cut off by Carlito as he & Eddie stormed the ring. The fans cheered as they went at it with the ref losing control. Carlito knocked Daniels down but Lethal managed to lift Eddie over his shoulder and over the top rope, all the way down to the floor. Carlito then caught him with a clothesline, before Daniels snuck up behind him and tossed him through the ropes.

As he turned round though, Kofi nailed him with Trouble in Paradise, but Kaval was back on his feet and quickly ran the ropes past Kofi and nailed him with the Tidal Wave, a springboard roundhouse to pick up the win for him, Daniels & Lethal. The ref raised Kaval's arm to heat from the crowd before he went to help his groggy partner back up while Lethal sat up laughing at seeing Kofi take the loss. They then left the ring looking back smiling as Kofi sat up unhappily, joined then by Eddie & Carlito. They tried to help him up as the winners turned to walk backstage, but Kofi stood up in a strop and pushed them away before leaving the ring, stomping his way back up the ramp with a face like thunder, confusing the hell out of the Puerto Rican siblings.

Winners: The Epitome of Excellence & Jay Lethal by pinfall.

Jim Ross: I don't know what's got into Kofi the last couple of weeks King, maybe frustration, but it's another win for his brother Jay an' the new tag team champions t'night.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From the Royal Rumble!

It gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as Orton stares over at Taker, watching him rolling around on the mat. The Viper picks himself back up again, as does The Game by the ropes. Orton turns his head and sees him getting up, and he runs right at him, right into a HIGH KNEE STRIKE FROM THE WWE CHAMPION!!. . . . . It sends Orton staggering away from the ropes, and Triple H follows him out with Orton turning into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . . The incredibly focused WWE Champion picks himself back up, seeing the finish line in sight against all the odds.

He pulls Orton back up, once again setting him up for the PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . The fans boo as The Game gets ready to drill Orton, but The Viper counters again with the BACK BODY DROP!!. . . . . Both men pull themselves back up, and as they turn to face each other, Orton tries for an RKO!!!. . . . . The Game counters and shoves Orton into the ropes. Orton holds on, pissing Triple H off no end. The WWE Champion stares angrily at Orton and runs in at him, AND ORTON DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND PULLS DOWN THE ROPES TO SEND TRIPLE H TOPPLING DOWN TO THE FLOOR AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!!

Elimination #27: Triple H by Randy Orton.

The now former WWE Champion sits up on the floor in shock, livid to be out of the match and losing his WWE title. Orton stands there smirking back at him, very much enjoying the satisfaction of eliminating the man he blames for costing him the same title at Unforgiven and putting him on the shelf for two months at Survivor Series. The Game mouths something to Orton, not that it bothers The Viper one bit, but Triple H stands up and tries to get back on the apron. He's blocked by the two officials with Orton still watching as the angry former WWE Champion tries to get back at him. He's held back as Orton smirks and turns round, only to see Taker back on his feet and running at him, CLOTHESLINING HIM OVER THE TOP AND OUT OF THE RING & MATCH!!!

Elimination #28: Randy Orton by The Undertaker.

We're down to two, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels!

Orton hits the floor to a mixed reaction with The Game stepping back. He looks down at Orton without remorse, then shoves his way past the referees to drag Orton back up. The Game takes all his anger out on Orton and sends him face first into the ringpost. The Viper falls to the floor as the referees again grab Triple H and pull him away. He doesn't put up much resistance this time and retreats, still staring at Orton who remains on the arena floor, face down with the fans booing as Triple H finally relents and leaves ringside one angry S.O.B.


We're taken backstage to the locker room we're shown a split screen of Randy Orton & Triple H getting ready for their main event match later on, both looking fired-up.

Jim Ross:
We're not far away from one of the biggest main events in recent Raw memory, but right now we're about t' see Melina challenge Queen Kong for the Women's Championship she lost to the unbeaten behemoth at Night of Champions last month.


*Video Recap*
From Last Week!

Melina vs. Mia Rain

Melina was clearly up for this one, but so was Rain. She quickly let Melina and the crowd know she wasn't about to roll over for the former Women's Champion, and after ducking a roundhouse kick late on, it looked like Rain was about to get the win. She reacted in a flash to lift Melina off the mat and into a falling gutbuster, but The Paparazzi Princess shocked her and some of the crowd by getting her shoulder up at the count of two. Rain was furious, and her frustrations got the better of her as she urged Melina to get back up, but when she did, she slipped away from Rain's clutches and caught her out of nowhere with the Extreme Makeover, a spinning facebuster to get a solid win. As Rain left the ring frustrated holding her jaw while Melina celebrated, the former Women's Champion then asked for a microphone, getting one passed to her by Lilian Garcia.

Melina: As you all know at Night of Champions I lost the women's title to Queen Kong. Ever since she arrived here she's looked unstoppable, but at Night of Champions I came close and now I honestly believe I can beat her. Some of you will think I'm crazy but I know I can do the impossible. Thankfully I have a rematch clause an' next week I'm going t' use it. Not only will I use it but I'll take my title back an' be the first person to beat. . .

[COLOR="Red"]Queen Kong's music hits and the Women's Champion walks out to the stage looking as scary as ever with her eyes fixed firmly on Melina in the ring. Melina kneels down and places the microphone on the mat and prepares for her arrival, not shying away from her rival despite showing some understandable concern as Kong gets to the ring. Melina watches her up the steps and into the ring, and Kong stares over menacingly at her and slowly removes her title belt. She drops it on the mat and walks slowly towards Melina, staring right into her eyes.

Melina doesn't flinch and ducks a right hand from Kong, then connects with a spin kick to the stomach, and then another to put the champion down on one knee to a decent pop from the crowd. She turns back to run the ropes but runs back into a falling clothesline, knocking the wind out of her sails. Kong stands up with fire in her eyes and brings Melina up with her, setting her up for a powerbomb. She lifts Melina effortlessly up in the air, but Melina hammers away at her and counters with a hurricanrana.

The fans love it as they both pick themselves back up, and Melina levels Kong with a roundhouse kick to another big pop from the fans. Melina stares down almost in shock at flooring Kong as "Paparazzi" blasts out again, but Kong sits up and Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim walk out from the back and head down the ramp. Melina turns and sees them, choosing to leave the ring as they show her their support with Kong staring right at them furiously, but Melina looks back, looking like she believes she has what it takes next week.

*Match #7*
Women's Championship
Melina vs. Queen Kong (c)

Melina knew she was the underdog but she took the fight to Kong from the word go, getting the fans onside and rattling the behemoth. The undefeated Women's Champion looked stunned too with Melina having an answer for anything thrown at her. Eventually when Kong took control, Melina showed some serious guts & resilience, getting her shoulder up after a hellacious samoan drop. Kong stared down furiously at the challenger before she then stood up and dragged Melina closer to the corner. The menacing monster slowly climbed to the top rope, giving Melina time to sit up, and she threw herself into the ropes to put Kong in a seated position on the top rope.

Melina took some much needed recovery time before going to work, applying a neck-scissors choke to Kong before hitting a head-scissors takedown. She then climbed up to the top rope with the fans supporting her as Kong picked herself back up. She turned round and Melina dived off the top for a cross body, but Kong caught her and went for a swinging side slam, only for Melina to counter with a DDT. The fans loved it and Melina threw herself across the mat to make the cover, but Kong kicked out at two to leave the challenger and the fans disappointed. Kong began to sit up and Melina allowed her to before hitting the ropes and taking her down with the Extreme Makeover.

With Kong face down, Melina raced to join her, struggling to lock in the California Dream, but she managed to to a massive pop. Kong was clinging on with the fans cheering for her to tap out, but she didn't and eventually managed to power her way out of it. Melina didn't let that get the better of her and nailed her with a stiff kick to the gut, and then tried for a single arm DDT, but Kong stood firm and lifted her up off her feet before tossing her into the canvas. She then ran the ropes and came back looking for a splash, but Melina rolled out of the way to another pop. Both women clawed their way back up and Melina ducked a right hand before stomping Kong in the gut.

She ran into the ropes but got caught with a release back body drop. Kong dragged her right back up and fired her into the corner before charging in and connecting with a devastating body avalanche. Melina fell forward, flat on her face and Kong stared down intensely at her before kicking her over on to her back. The Women's Champion then climbed up to the top rope with Melina motionless beneath her. The fans looked worried and were right to be as Kong then came off the top for the Queen of All Splashes to get the three and retain her title. The behemoth stood up and was handed her title, barely allowing the ref to raise her hand as she stared towards the squirming Melina, a brave effort from the challenger.

Winner: By pinfall, and still the Women's Champion, Queen Kong.

Jim Ross: Well we knew it was going to be an uphill battle for Melina t' win here t'night but she gave it ev'rything she had. Kong though King, she looks unstoppable.

Jerry Lawler: She sure does JR. I don't think there's anyone who can stop her, no one, an' I'm not gonna try let me tell ya.

Jim Ross: Nor me. When we come back though folks it'll be time f' our main event. Randy Orton'll go one-on-one with Triple H. Don't go anywhere whatever y'do. We'll find out who'll join The Undertaker an' Chris Jericho at No Way Out in just a few minutes.

*Commercial Break*

Spoiler for WrestleMania Teaser:

*The Main Event*
Number One Contender Qualifying Match
Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Both Orton & Triple H walked out into the arena with purpose, watched by a very interested spectator in Eric Bischoff as he sat on his leather sofa in his office. It was a very even start to the match, no one able to get the upper hand in what was a very competitive match as you would expect given their recent history. The Game was the one who gained some serious initiative when he rolled away from a knee drop, standing up to take Orton down with a falling neckbreaker. He did everything he could to put Orton away, and came close after hitting a spinning spinebuster, only for Orton to kick out at two. The frustration was beginning to show on the former WWE Champion's face, but he thought he was just moments away from winning his place at No Way Out as he stood up, keeping his eyes on his squirming opponent. Orton unwittingly dragged himself back up, turning into a kick to the gut and found himself pulled into place for the Pedigree.

The fans booed, worried The Game was about to finish Orton, but The Viper escaped with a back body drop which was met by a big pop, and as both men picked themselves back up, Orton ducked a wild right and quickly caught Trips with an inverted headlock backbreaker. The crowd cheered and both men pulled themselves up to their feet and Orton kept the momentum going, nailing Trips with a couple of uppercuts to the jaw before firing him into the ropes and taking him down with a spinning powerslam. The fans were quick to get behind him as he stood right back up with Triple H following, hobbling up and into a sleeper. Orton locked it in and The Game was in trouble, desperately trying but failing to escape the hold with the fans cheering. The Game was faltering and fast, and the ref was there in a flash to test his ability to continue, lifting his arm and dropping it, and on the third occasion the former WWE Champion just managed to keep it up to stay in the match.

He fought his way out of it but was sent into the ropes again. He held on to them as Orton tried for a standing dropkick and hit the mat, and as he stood back up, Trips ran at him and took him down with a clothesline and then a single arm DDT when Orton stood up. The King of Kings could only get a two count but then tried to make Orton tap in the figure four leg-lock. The fans showed their support for Orton, and it helped as he fought through the pain and managed to drag himself to the ropes to a big pop. Trips was pissed and tried to help him up, but the ref held him back, allowing Orton to use the ropes to help get back up. Trips was right on him, walking right into an extended elbow that sent him staggering away from the ropes. Orton stepped out and ducked a wild clothesline before exploding with the RKO out of nowhere.

The crowd went nuts as Orton slowly crawled across to make the cover, hooking the near leg and the ref made the count, counting to three despite Trips' foot being on the rope, and he saw it as he stood up and pointed it out. Orton wasn't happy but took it on the chin and he turned to look down at The Game as he started to come round. He stepped back and watched The Game climb back up using the ropes, turning into a clothesline from Orton that took him over the top rope on to the apron. The Viper blocked a right hand from Trips and nailed him with a right of his own and then dragged him through the ropes by his head, setting him up for and then drilling him with a rope hung DDT to another big pop. The Game was flat on his face, not moving a muscle as Orton turned him over, hooking both legs this time, but The King of Kings got his shoulder up, but only just to the disappointment of the fans. Orton again took it on the chin and backed away as Trips came round, trying to sit up.

The Viper stared intently at him, getting ready to explode with the running punt. The fans were willing him to hit it as the oblivious Triple H dragged his way up to his knees, giving Orton all the invitation he needed to charge at him. The Game saw him coming though and pulled down the ropes with Orton falling over them all the way down to the floor. He sat up having dodged a bullet, and he knew it as Orton crawled across the floor towards the announce table. Triple H took some time to shake off the cobwebs before slipping out of the ring under the bottom rope to go after Orton, pulling him up from his knees to drive his head into the table. Orton fell to the floor again and a black cloud came over The Game as he stripped the announce table, prompting JR & King to shoot up from their seats. The referee panicked and joined him on the outside, pleading with Trips to rethink and get back in the ring, but he didn't, brushing past him to drag Orton back up and shove him on to the table.

Some of the fans were cheering but most were nervous as Trips jumped up on it, setting him up for the Pedigree dispute the ref's pleas. The Game looked into the crowd with Orton unresponsive, but not for long as he sprung to life, catching Trips completely off guard with the RKO to send them both crashing through the announce table. The fans went nuts and the ref couldn't believe what he was seeing, jumping up & down before checking on them, both laid out in the wreckage. He then called for help from the back and EMT's quickly came running out to attend to them with Bischoff shown watching on surprised from his office, stood up watching the TV. Orton started to show some sort of movement, lifting his head up and responding to the medics while the others checked on Triple H, who started to open his eyes too like Orton, leaving everyone concerned & confused as Raw came to a close.

Result: No Contest.

Jim Ross: What does this mean f' No Way Out? I've no idea King. I guess we'll find out next week. Make sure you're with us folks t' find out what Eric Bischoff will do about this. 'til then folks, take care an' we'll see you next week live down under from Melbourne Australia. What a night it'll be! You won't want t' miss it!

*End of Show*

Quick Results

The Undertaker df. Sheamus
John Morrison & Justin Gabriel
df. Ezekiel Jackson & Orlando Jordan
Cody Rhodes
df. JTG
Chris Jericho
df. The Big Show
Shawn Michaels
df. Ted DiBiase
The Epitome of Excellence & Jay Lethal
df. Kofi Kingston & The Colons
Queen Kong
df. Melina
Randy Orton
NC. Triple H

>Superstars Tapings<
df. Joe Hennig


>Confirmed for No Way Out<

Number One Contender Match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXV

The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho
vs. Randy Orton or Triple H

TLC Match
Christian vs. Edge


Matt Sydal vs. Ted DiBiase

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