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Hogan's feud with Ric Flair

Back on March 4th 1999 on Thunder, Hogan spoke out against Flair in a special announcement by the NWO. Here is a transcript of what he said from a video on you tube that's been removed. I'd like you to read it and tell me why Hogan expressed such jealousy and feelings of hatred towards someone who had every right not to have reacted when David turned against him.

I thought about my little son, Nicholas coming to me and saying, “dad, stick it, Everything you did for me, every time you laced the hockey skates, every time you took me to the emergency room to get stitched up, even if it might not even be your fault dad, by playing a little too hard, uh, forget, forget all that. Forget thanking you for all the help, forget the love, and holding you when you were sick, and had the hundred and five degree fever, forget, all that, you know, forget all the meals, the protection, the shelter, forget all that. I hate you dad.” I, you know people hate me, man. People look at me and they´re disgusted, whether they´re shooting, whether they´re working, you know, whether they´re at work or whether they´re at home, they hate me, you know it´s like, for fifteen years, hey man, train, pray, eat your vitamins, you know, Hollywood, not Hollywood, but Hulk Hogan loves you, um, and all of a sudden I look at them and said I did it for the money. I really didn't care anyway, I mean I´m a businessman, I got my own agenda, you know. You know, a lot of people think I´m bad, that I´m not a good person. Well, you know, I´m used to the comments, the jealousy the straight up deal that that´s the way it is, but (laughs) when I saw Ric Flair, when I saw the lust, the love in his life, is wrestling, that he actually lives for wrestling, that he actually keeps showing up, just to hear the people one more time? Ric Flair is worse than I am. Ric Flair is a rotten piece of crap in the bottom of the barrel. Ric Flair showed no remorse for his own son, for the fact that his own son said, “Ric Flair, dad, I don´t love you, I don´t care about my mom, my brothers and my sisters. The love I have for this woman is greater than that, anything you've ever given me, I don´t care about that, I´m throwing it all away.” Ric Flair didn't react. He just went woo woo styling and profiling. I´m going to the Marriott, everybody meet me at the Marriott. He didn´t even care that he lost his son? I mean, that´s as rotten as you can be.
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