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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
Yeah I never used a Machop, I liked that one of the gym leaders was a bit of a challenge. Misty was challenging in Gen 1 a bit and there was some steel guy in gen 3 or 4 who was a real pain that I just managed to beat by the skin of my teeth but aside from that gym leaders are usually pretty easy.

Gen 2 probably had some of the toughest gym leaders actually. Whitney was hard and the Ghost guy, Steel girl and the one with the dragons were all tough depending on what team you had.
Machamp's one of my favorite Pokemon so I often raised a Machop on my team. Another strategy I liked to use on Whitney was to use fast Pokemon with a sleep move (Gastly's a great choice) and once you put Miltank to sleep you switch to a stronger Pokemon to get some big hits in before it wakes up. Yeah Misty can a be a bit of a challenge, especially if you started with a Charmander. Her Starmie with Bubblebeam that would nearly always out-speed you could be a challenge from time to time.

Whitney was challenging. Morty too (Ghost Gym leader) with his Gengar with Shadow Ball and Dream Eater, Jasmine (Steel Gym leader) was easy most of time, just have a strong water type move or Pokemon to deal with Steelix and the two magnemite's were easy. Clair (Dragon gym leader) could be a challenge with her Kingdra sometimes.
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