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Re: Why did Hogan job to The Rock, but not Austin?

Originally Posted by Icon_Vs_Icon View Post
When you make a claim you have to be able to prove it, you cant just tell someone to find it themselves otherwise you lost all credibility. I know for a fact that Steve was never even an option and that it was always suppose to be Rocky/Hulk. Its just funny how i repeat that i have tons of links to Steve saying this himself yet nobody asks to see the proof they want to ignore facts and keep repeating lies. Btw Hulk is better than Steve and Rock.
But who have came out and admitted that Rock was the first choice? Hogan. Who else?

Fact is, Nash himself said that Austin was going through some shit when they came back to WWE.

Austin himself, in an interview from 2003, said nobody in the lockerroom knew what he was going through from a medical standpoint. He said he was placed in matches with guys who were 90-100% while he was 50%, at best. And he felt that as a guy who was a proven draw, he should have been treated better.

And when Howard Stern asked him if the Hogan/Austin match never happened because they couldn't agree on a finish, Austin said yeah and basically, only way the match would happen, he would have to win but then he said the match would never happen.

And how do you know for a fact? If somebody tells you something, it's automatically a fact? It doesn't make that factual, it just means you believe anything they tell you. Austin isn't going to bury himself and say he didn't want to put Hogan over and Hogan, due to the heat in the past with Austin, isn't gonna admit that he didn't want to put Austin over. And because we got Rock/Hogan, you're supposed to just assume it was the original plan.

I don't believe shit until Vince says it himself. Hell, not even Vince, if Rock HIMSELF admits he was indeed the first choice, I'll believe it because he's a humble guy and doesn't have a bad reputation. The other 2, they have egos and it's been proven. So, they're not going to say 1 of the biggest matches to never happen was because neither wanted to job. So they save face and just continue saying Rock was the first choice.

But, don't pass off none of this shit as FACTS unless YOU were there, then it's a fact.

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