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Re: Why did Hogan job to The Rock, but not Austin?

Originally Posted by Icon_Vs_Icon View Post
When you make a claim you have to be able to prove it, you cant just tell someone to find it themselves otherwise you lost all credibility. I know for a fact that Steve was never even an option and that it was always suppose to be Rocky/Hulk. Its just funny how i repeat that i have tons of links to Steve saying this himself yet nobody asks to see the proof they want to ignore facts and keep repeating lies. Btw Hulk is better than Steve and Rock.
Guy the board won't let me post from the LAW site. I'm new to these boards and don't have enough posts. I'm not even sure they have the live broadcast and not just a review podcast from 2010 of the event. That is why I said you can ask the reporters there.

I'm just adding to the conversation of a radio interview with guys from that show who stated otherwise. I'm not even stating what you are saying is wrong. I'm just letting you know what was being said in Toronto the night AFTER Hogan/Rock happened.

If you know anything about Toronto and how it covers the business you would understand that WAY before the internet the city and its fans would get insider news since the Canadian head offices are in Toronto and Jack Tunney would leak info. I don't have to worry about my credibility because I know I can hang with anyone when it comes to wrestling history. I've been to other boards and been in a lot of discussions and never had a credibility issue. I understand why you may think otherwise. You asked me about where my source was and I gave you my answer.

The original Mania 18 main event was suppose to be Austin vs. Rock(champ vs. champ as there were promotional pictures with the Mayor for this), but I guess you will question me about this too right? As it was changed after due to Austin turning back babyface and the whole Invasion angle flopped. Then it was switched to HHH/Austin which was the original plan for SummerSlam 2001 and was pushed back.

Think of it another way. Vince Mcmahon brings in Hulk Hogan and the nWo and you actually believe at NO TIME it ran across the wwe brass that Hogan vs. Austin wouldn't be a money match? That they wouldn't even entertain the idea? I have also heard contrary to what Austin has stated in public and that Hogan vs. Austin was suggested even at Mania 19 and Mania 20.

The biggest thing that was going around at that time was that Austin did not like the fact those guys came in at all. He felt after the whole Monday Night Wars that bringing those guys in was like working with the enemy. He didn't like the idea of the nWo floating as a group in a split wwf. That is why he thought the writing sucked.

We know Hogan knows how to work the media. You think Hogan going to media outlets and stating he would do the job wasn't one of his ways to tell fans it was not him causing the match not to happen? I don't care either way as the match should have happened at the latest at WM XX at MSG, but I saw this thread and just wanted to add to it since I knew this piece of info from news sources in Toronto at the time.

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