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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Originally Posted by LadyCroft View Post
Patience young grasshoppa... all will be clear tomorrow.
Grasshoppa? For shame young padawan. The dark side of the force clouds your judgement.

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
I don't believe LC. C3PO was a scum fake claim, Chewbacca could definitely be an SK one. Not to mention it would be fitting and something CP would probably do. If CP did put Chewie in the game, he would be more than just Han Solo's bodyguard. Scrilla being rolecop and accusing LC of being the SK is enough for me, regardless of whether he was about to be killed or not.

Also LC is saying that Scrilla probably did rolecop her. Her role would not be "Bodyguard", so I see no reason for Scrilla to fake it how he did.
Chewbacca would be some form of protective role.

Also scrilla flipping scum rolecop, it doesn't paint a pretty picture for LC or Roy, unless Roy was blocked. (I assume RB trumps hiding).

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
So you expected Big to protect 2 scummates as opposed to 1 townie and 1 scum. Why? Protecting one of each is the best bet for anyone in his position. Risk control. If he was tracked, people would see who he protected, at worst only one scummate would be lynched from it, at best, town would lynch the townie first and the scummate that was also a target of his would look town. Also, Scrilla was under suspicion at the time, so of course Big was at least going to protect him.
It never specified what he could do (unlike in Smiley) so it's all up to interpretation. Protecting 2 scum buddies is risky, and OP'd, but Big could be the type of player to attempt such a move, not expecting to be tracked or investigated.

LC, I am growing more suspicious of you now. Chewie would be an amazing fake claim, although it's highly unlikely to be fake. Time will tell. Reflect, I will.
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