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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Recently thought of these two (again, nothing too special):

Originally Posted by Froot View Post
Originally Posted by Danny 310 View Post
Fuck you. Sons of Anarchy suck dick, just like you do phaggot.
Very little about that post was directed at you. This thread has essentially boiled down to you spewing mindless, vulgar, pre-teen insults at almost anyone who posts in here, whether they're indifferent to you or not, until a super mod acknowledges your behaviour, in which case you crawl into a little hole for a while, and then pop up again like you're idly unaware there's something wrong.

My only guess for you continuing to do this is assuming that when you curse at posters, it makes them look embarrassing or "gotten to". When in actuality, it's more or less the other way round. Though this thread may have dictated your inevitable downfall as a poster, I hope that you can still wrap your head around these heartbreaking epiphanies.

Or, you could just reply to this by throwing another raunchy hissy-fit, and believe in your little fantasy world that you're superior, rendering my post meaningless and thereby continuing down your road to the future-endeavoured class of 2012. Your choice.

Originally Posted by Froot View Post
On the subject of fast food horrors, have had two experiences with KFC that remain infamously within my memory:

1) While this wasn't related to the food I consumed, while waiting at the till for one of their sundaes/ice creams, two teenage girls went up to the one next to me, where one of them claimed the other had found "a hair" in their fries.

As the complaining chit-chat carried on, I took a peek at the packet to find that the girl had not the best eyesight; there were multiple hairs in it. Infact, it literally looked as if some bullshitter in the back had picked up a patch of hairdresser floor clippings, and shoved it smack-dab in the centre of the packet. Although my own food was harmless, the moments leading up to when I had to check were petrifying, to put things light-heartedly.

2) When those "Krushems" or whatever started getting advertised a couple years back, they looked pretty froot-tasting to me. So I thought on the day me, my mum and stepdad were set for being headed 100 miles north-west to meet some of the latter's family, we would treat ourselves to one for the long road ahead without consumption.

Two things: Firstly, the 'drink' (putting it in the lightest sense) was slodgy, and didn't feel fresh at all. It was also the most chemical-tasting strawberry flavoured food I had ever eaten. Secondly, not even halfway down our journey, the effects of this product embroiled up inside my long-in-disdain stomach, and forced me to unload it outside the car on some dirt by the road, following a good hour of prolonging agony.

I have a feeling the deer, that probably ended up eating that bi-product, had a better experience than me.

Still eat there regularly, mind you ಠ___ಠ

TL;DR: KFC have very hairy vendettas against teenage girls, and my vomit being utilized as a profitable food product for forest wildlife is foreshadowed.

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