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Re: WWE's massive mistake in 2006

Had no problem with him winning the Rumble or the title but him saying, "Oh, Eddie, you got me" and shit like that was cringeworthy. They made it seem like Eddie was "protecting" him or like his damn spirit was with him at all times. I think they even had someone who lost the Rumble or lost a match to Rey say that it was unfair and that he had "help". It was like every damn match with the "Eddie's watching my back or Eddie's smiling down on me". And, every feud he had in 2006, revolved around Eddie in someway. With Orton saying that "Eddie's in hell" and saying that Rey's chance of winning their match at NWO was as good as Eddie's chances of coming back alive. Then the feud with JBL was built off Rey not deserving to be champion and saying how he beat Eddie and how Eddie couldn't help him. He even pointed out that the crowd didn't even chant Rey's name. They chanted Eddie's name. Then Chavo turns on him for trying to leech off of Eddie's name. It was ridiculous.Then they booked him like shit anyways and didn't even make it look like he really won the title on his own. He didn't even have one completely clean title defense on ppv and needed Chavo's help and had to use the frog splash to beat JBL.

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