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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread - Where attempted murder happens

Originally Posted by WOOLCOCK View Post
Yup, does my head in about where you're from. If you're a fan who'll follow the team regardless of success, will make an effort to attend games wherever possible then you're a supporter. I've met Mancs who were terrible bores and infuriated me standing next to them at OT and seen Irish lads singing louder and leading an array of old school songs. So long as you've got a sound head and are fully committed to the team you support you shouldn't have to put up with any drivel from people about location. Its just a form of banter to try and get under someone's skin, especially if they follow a bigger club. No-one really cares if someone from Coventry follows Leyton Orient, because there's nothing to really latch onto there outside of the person following a non-local team.

Besides, being local doesn't necessarily make you a better class of supporter. I'm more biased in favour of people who actually go to games to actively support their team, i.e being loud and trying to get behind them whatever the score rather than moaning at every misplaced pass. I've seen local fans sit there showing little passion for their side whilst people around me will be making continuous noise and supporting the team regardless of the score. There's no definition of a true fan and it really does irk me how some people try to talk as if they're better than others. Especially when the same people will blatantly ignore their own team having out of town supporters, when they'll give flack to someone who supports another side not being from that area.

To quote Ian Brown: "Its not where you're from, but where you're at".
Definitely. It's also bizarre seeing people on forums who support a team on a different continent mocking clubs like United for OOT support. It's more like an easy way to 'banter' without actually considering the cost, financially and of time, of travelling to Manchester every other Saturday.

Like you say, if you get behind the team and have a good time doing it, I don't particularly care if you're from Salford or Southampton.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
WOOLCOCK and NoGimmicksNeeded should have their own show, Saint and Greavsie-style.

More like Statler and Waldorf. 2 hours of us complaining and agreeing probably wouldn't get the ratings in.

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