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Re: Tag Team Division

With what is on the roster, here is what I would do.

Knox/DOC as a tag team. A CREDIBLE one, not a job squad. No more Jobbers of Anarchy. They can't lose matches. They can cheat to win, absolutely.
But they can't keep having this "invasion" lose all the time. Having DOC lose clean to Sting and then appear to be chased off by Bully Ray made the faction look like chumps.

Williams/Magnus or Joe/Magnus. There seems to be no inclination to have either one be an X division or Television Title champ so you might as well put them together. Samoa Joe/Magnus again could work, too. Remember when that was a fine tag team? For like 3 and a half months? Splitting them up to do nothing with either of them post split is partly the reason we are in this mess.

Kid Kash/Sam Shaw: Veteran Mentoring Youngblood. Is that the greatest thing in the world? No, but it is something.

Don't split Morgan/Ryan. This is Joe/Magnus all over again. How is that even a "split?" They have to be a group long enough for that to matter.
Didn't they just form as a tag team at the end of October or the beginning of November? It hasn't been 3 months yet!

Chavo/Hernandez as a necessary evil. Yuck.

Bad Intentions will split soon, shame.
Kaz + Any sort of X Division guy (NOT A.J. Styles, those guys desperately need a break from one another) could work.

So that isn't TERRIBLE. You can have a 5 or 6 man team out of what is on the roster.

Have an A.J./Kaz team but I'd like to see this go beyond.

The only problem is, X Division is SO thing right now, maybe even worse off than Tag Teams as SrsLi said. If you go "Eh, take this X guy, that X guy, tag team" then the X Division will have almost nobody in it.

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