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Re: Things that annoy you?

Gonna split this up depending on how much of this I can be bothered with.

Grammar based:
People mixing up "then" and "than"
People mixing up "There", "They're" and "their" or "your" and "you're"
People who say they "could care less"
People who put an "X" in Espresso
People who use the word "random" to describe themselves
I live in a place called "Orkney" or "The Orkney Islands", anyone who calls them "The Orkneys" need to fuck off

Problems with people:

People who say I can't like the things that I like
More specifically people who tell me not to watch wrestling because it's scripted and then go on to tell me how great Hollyoaks is
People who won't accept your dislike of something. If I don't like rhubarb, I don't like rhubarb.
People who "Live in the moment"
People who post on Facebook/Twitter etc trying to look like they give a crap about people in poverty.
People who get into stupid arguments and refuse to accept empirical proof
People who complain footballers get paid to much and that soldiers should be millionaires
People who expect equality in certain areas but not in others

Problems with Society in general:
Fake tanning exists and is accepted as an actual option for people
Expectations of women in particular to be skinny
Everyones constant need to be on their phone
The fact that it is acceptable to give your 8 year old child a phone/tablet

Very small niggles:
After 13 there is no acceptable way to convey liking someone, i.e. "crush"
The way E4 (British TV channel) edits their American imports
The love for the Royal Family
The way a years performance in a school is graded entirely based on a few hours on one day

That'll do for now, will likely add more later.

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