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Re: Tag Team Division

They definitely need new teams.

They've got Chavo & Hernandez, which isn't a bad team for now. I wish they had given the belts to Morgan and Ryan though, but hey. It is basically Mexican America 2.0 (which in of itself was a bastard version of LAX) but Chavo is far better than Anarquia or whatever his name was. So OK, I'll take them.

Speaking of Morgan and Ryan, they seem to want to break them up based on what happened last night. WHY? They are awesome and you have so few teams that it is only going to make it harder to come up with competition for Chavo & Mex.

You have Bad Influence who are awesome. I dare anyone to tell me they aren't awesome.

You have the Robbies as the low level jobber team....and they seem to want to break them up! Why?! Pushing them in singles never worked, and as a team they at least provide somebody for the upper teams to beat AND they are funny. Its win-win!

And I guess they could go ahead and use The Aces & Eights in Tag Team situations. I think Mike Knox & Luke Gallows/DOC would actually make a good big man team. The problem though is that the As & Es never win anymore! Jeez. Oh well, here's hoping.

But other than that, they don't have a whole lot on the tag team scene. I guess Brisco & Bischoff (Bitch and Bitcher in my eyes) are a tag team, even after they are revealed as part of the Aces & Eights. Other than that though, they don't have a whole lot.

Just to give them a new tag team, I would probably bring in Brian Cage & Jay Bradley for their gut check judging and have it be announced that they BOTH will get contracts, as long as they perform as a tag team. I dunno, might work.

They still need more though. Maybe they can get The Machine Guns back once Sabin is healthy and maybe they can talk Shelley into resigning.


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