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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Young Bucks vs Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards - PWG Mystery Vortex
Chalk another one up for the Young Bucks. They're so fucking great. Best act of 2012? Strong and Edwards is just what both guys needed. Allows them both to just stiff opponents which is where they're best at. This is pretty workratey but when you get it right it's awesome and this was awesome. Even the trading kicks sequence worked much better than usual.


El Generico vs Rich Swann - PWG Mystery Vortex
Maybe the minimum I'd want from a Generico/Swann match but at least I still a Generico/Swann match so I'm happy. Loved Generico playing the grumpy vet against the new kid. He works this role every now and again and he's so great in it considering how far it is from his normal comfort zone.


Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole - Guerrilla Warfare Match - PWG Mystery Vortex
Hell of a battle. Can genuinely say this felt like two guys going to war to settle their rivalry and neither would come out unscathed but one would end up winning somehow. Hell of a battle. Steen destroying the life out of Cole was a great introduction to set the tone of the match. Cole took a beating and a half in this and took everything like a total pro. Dug how Steen controlled the majority of the match and established all the dominance. Kept him looking strong and made Cole even easier to hate for getting out of it with the belt. Cole's face earlier in the show when the stip is added is glorious too. Liked how they went for a more of a chaotic battle than a hardcore match with weapon spots. Tower of chairs spot is scary as hell and a rare case of where them taking time to set it up actually added to insanity of the spot by building the extra level of holy shit to the spot each time. I've seen so many hardcore matches that hardcore spots tend not to get a big reaction from these days because what was OMG when I first saw the spot done wears off pretty quick and you don't see many original spots anymore that are holy shit spots. The tower of chairs spot got a MASSIVE reaction from me watching it and it looked NASTY. Really liked Steen having the jug of tacks ready at the start of the show as a measure of how far he'll go if need be. Finish felt a bit flat given what they went through earlier. If you're gonna have big spots before that like they did have then that finish is a bit of a downfall from the previous peak in the match. Biggest spot should tend to be the finish in matches like this. I guess tacks are a big spot to some though. Again, maybe just a case of seeing so many tacks spots and them falling into chair shot territory for me. Steen drinking the tacks and then spitting them at Cole was classic Steen mind.


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