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Re: This roster has the potential to be great and even equal the attitude era.

Today's major stars, I think, are Cena, Punk, Sheamus, Orton, and Del Rio. The guys who can rise and hopefully shake things up are Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and Wade Barrett.

I'm absolutely convinced that Dean Ambrose can be one of the greatest all-time heels. Lol seriously, he's just so good. No one else sounds like him, and he's real and he's psycho and he's evil, and he's just 27. He could be the next Triple H, he'll be the big bad guy for SOOOO many yrs. Watch any promo of his on the internet as Ambrose or Jon Moxley, he had it when he was in preschool.

So to me, my issue is: Can the WWE find a top face, the quality of just John Cena (who has been a bit of a flop, he's just so divisive), let alone the quality of Rock or Austin. If they could find one good guy as entertaining every night as Rock or Austin, based on crazy unpredictable stuff they do, or just great, great promos every night, then the WWE will be great. Rock is my all-time favorite, and even he was kindof the same every night, he just barely changed up his promo like a comedy shtick for a new opponent/town, AND I LOVED IT EVERY NIGHT. Can they find another Rock? WWE has a great enough roster to support that guy, but it needs that ONE guy. If not it'll just be this great roster we know about and enjoy, but nothing really special, and no growth for the company. He'll have CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler to feud with.

Can Randy develop into some unpredictable badass who raises hell every night, with the right writing and rivalries? I'm actually not his biggest fan, but he's pretty good at every aspect of the game, and has the looks and the credibility of a sadistic bastard. Stone Cold says it takes ten yrs in the business to figure it all out, and although I shit on Orton a lot, he's ALREADY got great delivery, been in a ton of storylines, has great matches where he plays his character well, and probably gets the biggest pop of the night that doesn't come with a "sux" chant. And he's just 31 and he's been on the roster learning forever. Can he churn out crazy good storylines with Ambrose, Ziggler, and Punk, and make Raw must-see TV? If you can ever have a top face without great mic skills, its someone with the credibility of Orton feuding with the mic skills and shenanigans of Ambrose or Punk.

Thoughts? I'm so high on the roster overall, I just think its one this one missing piece, and the roster already has multiple great rivals for him.

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