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Re: I am seriously appalled,

Originally Posted by GothicBohemian View Post
Oh Svetfan, I see you're back worrying about the injustices of the internet again. Listen, KKFan doesn't need your concern. She's a grown up girl and can take care of herself. Since I don't see her raging here, I'm guessing she's not upset. Or, I hope not, since I like her kinda odd posts. Besides that, the thread that prompted your post died a quick death since pretty much no one supported the op.

That aside, I agree in principle with what you're saying. It isn't kind to make fun of someone's looks, especially out of nowhere and unprovoked. But...

...I can see Bully's point too – the internet is something of a free-for-all where people act out in ways they wouldn't face to face. He's not concerned by jokes about his looks; I'm not either. I wouldn't post the sort of pics I do if I was. If you've seen my photos here then you know what I'm talking about. But here's the thing; I'm amused by it because I'm not sensitive about my appearance. I have no reason to be. I like being a little different looking and have learned by experience that the majority of folks consider me different in a good way. And I've got amazing legs and a sweet ass and that never hurts.

That doesn't mean I think everyone should be ok with others having a go at their looks. We all have our sensitive points. ALL of us; I don't pass a lot of time in rants, but I've got a pretty good idea what would really get to many of the various regulars. Me, I don't take attacks on my personality very well and that's because, in real life, I've been justifiably criticized for being, well, an arrogant jerk at times. I'm probably also not the best person to get into a negative conversation about First Nations and treaty rights with. Those are my sensitive spots. For someone else, it could be appearance. Or, in your case, HIV references, or pretty much anything, it seems.

All that said, this is rants. People have to understand that what goes on here is not serious. It's banter. It's dick waving. Almost anything goes, so long as it stays in context. The personalities folks put forth here are not exactly who they are. I'm willing to bet you'd get on fine with everyone in this section if you met them away from the computer.

So stop trying to be the voice of reason. No one asked for one.
You actually put some effort in this post, so I will reply.

You would have saved yourself a few sentences had you followed everything i've posted in this thread so far, as you'd know that I addressed much of what you're saying.

I'll narrow it down.

1: I know this is rants, and i'm very much aware that this place is a popularity contest with people stroking each other's ***** at the expense of other people's ridicule. I don't need to establish that this section is a cesspool for the most part, it does a well enough job of establishing this on it's own.

2: Like I said, this is not exclusive to the Kelly Kelly thing, but on to that for a second. You're welcome to share your anecdote as pertains to the pictures you posted, but that doesn't change the fact that Kelly Kelly never posted the pics that were used on THIS particular Forum, the OP took it upon himself to fetch those on a social network site in an attempt to ridicule her over her looks. And for what exactly, what type of reasoning did the OP have? None whatsoever. Did it not occur to you that Kelly didn't complain about it because she might not have stumbled across the thread yet? How do you think she'd feel if she did? Point is, the post your picture thread was not created to have lowlife little twats use your pics to ridicule you on a subsection of this Forum. The moderator closed the thread and I commended him for that, but the OP got a mere slap on the wrist, and some people are actually coming to his defence on this thread which says a whole lot.

3 Whatever you or Bully thinks is your prerogative, I think otherwise. Stop assuming what I do or don't understand, and stop assuming what everyone wants or doesn't want aside from speaking for yourself. I'll be the voice of reason if I damn well please. If it's a standard for people on here to come in and do damage control for the stupidity taking place, that's not my problem.

4. This is my rant, unlike most rants in this section only i'm actually touching on a meaningful topic. It pisses people off ether because they are guilty of this behavior, or they settled in a comfortable little niche as spectators to this crap. It's a Kangaroo Court run by inmates, I don't need to prove this any further after seing a mod criticise me on my views yet did F all to address the guy that ridiculed a dead relative of mine on this very thread.

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