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Re: I am seriously appalled,

Oh Svetfan, I see you're back worrying about the injustices of the internet again. Listen, KKFan doesn't need your concern. She's a grown up girl and can take care of herself. Since I don't see her raging here, I'm guessing she's not upset. Or, I hope not, since I like her kinda odd posts. Besides that, the thread that prompted your post died a quick death since pretty much no one supported the op.

That aside, I agree in principle with what you're saying. It isn't kind to make fun of someone's looks, especially out of nowhere and unprovoked. But...

...I can see Bully's point too – the internet is something of a free-for-all where people act out in ways they wouldn't face to face. He's not concerned by jokes about his looks; I'm not either. I wouldn't post the sort of pics I do if I was. If you've seen my photos here then you know what I'm talking about. But here's the thing; I'm amused by it because I'm not sensitive about my appearance. I have no reason to be. I like being a little different looking and have learned by experience that the majority of folks consider me different in a good way. And I've got amazing legs and a sweet ass and that never hurts.

That doesn't mean I think everyone should be ok with others having a go at their looks. We all have our sensitive points. ALL of us; I don't pass a lot of time in rants, but I've got a pretty good idea what would really get to many of the various regulars. Me, I don't take attacks on my personality very well and that's because, in real life, I've been justifiably criticized for being, well, an arrogant jerk at times. I'm probably also not the best person to get into a negative conversation about First Nations and treaty rights with. Those are my sensitive spots. For someone else, it could be appearance. Or, in your case, HIV references, or pretty much anything, it seems.

All that said, this is rants. People have to understand that what goes on here is not serious. It's banter. It's dick waving. Almost anything goes, so long as it stays in context. The personalities folks put forth here are not exactly who they are. I'm willing to bet you'd get on fine with everyone in this section if you met them away from the computer.

So stop trying to be the voice of reason. No one asked for one.
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