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Default Re: I am seriously appalled,

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Basically. I don't see the point in the rant. The thread got closed and the OP embarrassed himself. She's posted what she looks like on here before so it's no big reveal and the pics were public anyway so it's not like he's shared private pics with the whole forum.

It sounds like you don't have the balls for this section mate. You're gonna get insulted and possibly offended in here. That's the whole point of having a section with relaxed rules so people can vent and insult if they choose to. Like it or lump it.

I'll leave your thread open for a bit it ranting about injustice and conspiracies makes you feel more at ease but there really is no relevance to your point.
Originally Posted by SVETV988_fan View Post
Maybe so, maybe I reacted too soon. but I just hate people going after others on here all the time, but when someone actually does something extremely cruel, it just goes under the radar. I come on here and see things like "GAY" and "HIV" in thread titles, am I the only one that finds this offensive? My step dad died of AIDS and I dont think it's something to be bringing up to mock others, same with homosexuality.
Originally Posted by Rush View Post
Basically what i took from this rant is that you like to bitch and that your stepdad was a queer.

She had posted one of those pics on here before, it opens the door for comments somewhat.

Seabs, is this an oversight on your part, or did you just take it upon yourself to direct your criticism at me when people on this thread are breaking Forum rules in the cruelest way possible?

and again, this thread isn't exclusive to the KKF thing, that was only an example to the overall point.

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