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Re: IWC cliches

Originally Posted by HerbUWF View Post
He isn't an adult male mate, he is a strange kid trolling attention.
better conjure up some hard proof then
Originally Posted by HerbUWF View Post

Wrestling has ALWAYS been aimed at kids, even if coupled with other demographics. Even in the Attitude era, you had the edited Saturday morning shows, and toys in the toy stores. To think any other way is stupid. "Contact sports are not for children" is a hilariously deluded quote though.
just because its aimed at kids doesnt mean it should in a perfect world, niether should the merch really exist either

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
1. Wrestling has always been for kids.
2. People can enjoy whatever they want for whatever reason they want. You being such an elitist just shows how much of a tool you are.
3.You're not funny.
1. in a perfect world it wouldn't be
2. oh then by that logic im sure someone sexually assulting you and everone they care about AND ENJOYING IT is perfectly reasonable then right?
3.Why not just answer the question

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
It's a television show for entertainment, not a sport. There's fighting and contact in stuff like Power Rangers, or cartoons like Powerpuff Girls. Even Looney Tunes. Doesn't change the fact that it's for kids.

Wrestlers are booked like heroes. John Cena, Sheamus, etc, are basically real life super heroes for kids. That's their purpose. That's what Hulk Hogan was too. That's what Bret Hart was. It's quite obviously aimed at kids. You may not want to admit it for still watching it as an adult male, but that doesn't change the target audience of the show being kids. It doesn't make you a loser for still watching it and liking it, so relax.

There are times when pro wrestling is not aimed at young kids, but instead teen and early/mid 20's males, such as TNA, WCW, and attitude/ruthless aggression era WWE, but WWE currently is aimed at kids. It's always been aimed at kids with the exception of the AE and RAE as I just mentioned.
1.Wrestling can exist without tv,
2. if figure skating and dancing can be considered sports then so can wrestling
3. this isn't bloody power rangers (im embarssed for even having to explain something as basic as that)

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