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Re: Who was more important for marketing Hulk Hogan or Michael Jordan?

Originally Posted by Oh Lymping Hero! View Post
I had no idea there was no wrestling before Hulk Hogan.
still didnt make it any less legit

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
So, you're saying because he did a movie while playing basketball, that Hogan is more important for marketing?

Do people even know what marketing even means?

The Jordan brand is grossing nearly a billion dollars a year. Just off shoes and clothing, that transcends beyond the game of basketball. In the 90s, you had Jordan appearing in cartoons, music videos, commercials for McDonalds, Hanes, Gatorade, Wheaties, Sprite, cameos on television shows, all while being the best basketball player in a legit sport.

The man, the brand, was everywhere. His shoes alone have become a permanent fixture in hip hop culture. And the appeal in the 90s that had these kids buying his brand was because "they wanted to be Like Mike".

Basically, you people are limiting Jordan to basketball, when most of his endorsements come from outside of basketball, all from top franchises in the business world. In the 90s, everybody wanted Jordan to endorse their product.

There's really no comparison, regardless of whether or not basketball is more watched than wrestling, it's the fact that a kid 27 years later would have a brand that grosses nearly a billion dollars a year, on top of many of his other outside projects AWAY from the game of basketball. Hogan's name is only good for marketing INSIDE the wrestling business and to an extent at that because TNA hasn't gotten more press because of him.

The shit Hogan did in the 80s, as for promotion, Jordan did in the 80s, 90s, 00s and still doing today. No comparison.
when did this become a discussion on who makes more money? Hogan was a solo superstar, jordon wasn't, you could reeplace him with almost any nba front runner as long as the loony tunes were there EVERY step of the way Hogan on the other hand was one of a kind

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