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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Sam Knight View Post
Will you please explain that?
Sure. When you say that someone isn't in your league in sports (which wrestling is in kayfabe) you mean that you're so much more skilled than the other that it won't be competitive. That of course comes from sports where you play in league systems.

It's the same thing as when Punk said that The Rock can't leave a mark on the champ's face.

[QUOTE=Sam Knight;12576009]In 1997 RAW used to score ratings in 2's and when Rock was in his prime(1999-00)RAW scored ratings in 7's and 8's.Your argument doesn't stand strong./QUOTE]
Yes it does, because The Rock has virtually no chance of getting the ratings to 7's these days, even if he brings material that equals his best of all time. Wrestling just isn't popular these days and one man can only do so much, even if that man is The Rock.

With the Attitude Era there were several big stars, but that wasn't the sole reason why that era was so popular. WWE had at that time managed to jump on the new TV trends really early and experienced a boom through that, together with the right writing and the mentioned stars. At that time wrestling was right for the times, while the same thing today wouldn't garner the same ratings because the trends are different. Of course wrestling would be more popular than it is right now with better writing and more star talent, but it wouldn't reach Attitude Era levels without finding something that fits what the masses are seeking now.

Originally Posted by Sam Knight View Post
No,I just want the WWE to give Rock a fair chance.Last year in the Cena/Rock feud,Cena kept shooting on the Rock for turning his back on WWE and going to Hollywood.Rock just stood their still without saying anything.WWE severely limited him on the mic so that he had to make facebook video revealing why he left the WWE.

That's the true Attitude Era Rock not holding back.You can see that he is intense,doesn't use catchphrases and jokes and utterly destroys Cena's every argument.WWE didn't even air this on RAW because they know that it would hurt Cena's character.
That's what happening now,WWE makes Rock rely on his catchphrases and corny PG jokes(which he doesn't need)and a guy like Punk steps forward,says Rock's shtick is lameass,his jokes are corny,he is in kiddie league and calls himself God and the Rock doesn't even reply him.Its crystal clear they are holding him back again.
It's a bit early to talk about this feud in it's entirety but this far I don't think they are comparable. Punk didn't shoot on The Rock, or even say anything negative about him being a movie star (the only time he mentioned it he said something relatively positive). He was talking purely about what The Rock does in kayfabe and which ties into what he said about the fans. The Rock pretty much touched on the subjects you've mentioned but instead of doing it like a shoot (talking about numbers etc) he talked about how much the crowd means. That's good because they are doing the same thing but from opposite sides.

Cena, on the other hand, said everything he could to try to turn the crowd against The Rock. Things like how he's abandoned them, how he doesn't care etc, which is pretty different coming from a face. Of course it's a futile attempt to try to turn people against The Rock, and I can agree that Rock was hindered from saying things like that back.

I don't know if Rock is hindered from saying things to Punk but the first promo didn't lack anything from either guy imo. If anything the promo was scripted in The Rock's favor, giving him the last word. I wouldn't mind seeing Rock and Punk shoot on each other though. I think Punk can hang with him, just as he did in the kayfabe promo, so it could probably be entertaining. It's not necessary for the feud though.

Originally Posted by Sam Knight View Post
I am just saying that Rock deserves a fair chance to show his mic skills,show his critics that he can evolve his shtick and cut great promos without his catchphrases and jokes.
The thing is that The Rock has always done jokes like that. Sure, some were a little edgier back when WWE was edgier but the concept has always been there. Those kind of insults and the catchphrases are just part of his character. He wasn't hindered at the time when Jericho made his debut in WWF, but after Jericho's long promo The Rock retorted with pretty much nothing but a lengthy string of catchphrases. That's always been him and the crowd has always eaten it up.

But while he used those things on Raw he also showed his intensity and more serious parts. The part of the promo where Punk starts talking, there's a silent staredown and then The Rock retorts is the best promo stuff I've seen in quite a while in WWE.
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