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Re: Why did Hogan job to The Rock, but not Austin?

Originally Posted by LeapingLannyPoffo View Post
I distinctly remember an interview in which Steve Austin mentioned that he thought the idea was uninteresting and that their styles were too similar to make an interesting match. He came off as very apathetic toward it all.
Let me clarify, Steve has said many times he had no intrest in working with Hulk and he has also said many times that he did want to work with him, idk why but he said both a lot.

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
He was definitely in the discussion to face Austin.
Its a fact that Steve at no point was ever considered to face Hulk at Wrestlemania X8 Hulk, Hall, Nash, Rock, and Steve have all confirmed this many times.

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
Of course he said that. What was he supposed to say? "I couldn't agree on a finish with Hogan, so I backed out and let The Rock have a better match with him than I would have" Oh, ok then.
Why would Steve admit in many interviews that he was offered Hulk at WM 04-06 and turned it down each time but not Wrestlemania x8? He even said in his 2011 dvd that he felt he needed to be the guy working with Hulk. Ppl have all these speculations yet have zero merit. This is just a lame rumor spread by angry Stone Cold fans to make him look good.

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
But Hogan has said plenty of times that he had heat with Austin. So there's not like it's nothing to the story.
Only time ive ever heard Hulk admit they had any heat was at the HOF when Bret was there and he claimed he didnt know what it was about. Steve has bashed Hulk in the past but also said really great things about him to so once again i think he just cant make up his mind just like how hes said so many times he didnt want to work with him then would turn around and say he does.

Steve probably resented Hulk for turning down that storyline he proposed to him but other than that there has never been any other case were Steve couldve felt Hulk directly or even indirectly buried him, i think peeps overhype there beef to make Steve seem like the victim. Steve was a nobody in WCW, Hulk didnt even know he was there so why would he bury a non factor at the time? Makes no since.

Dusty Rhodes was the main person who buried Steve yet he gets no heat. Hes the one who promised Steve a big singles push them put him with Brian P, then when they got hot he broke them up which has all been confirmed by Steve. Eric B fired Steve cus when he called him to make an appearance he overheard Steve in the background telling his wife "screw them" and Eric said that along with the amount they were paying him while he was hurt and not really being marketable is why he fired Steve.

Originally Posted by Hart Break Kid View Post
he could basically job to rock and still be the bigger Wrestling star... there was no doubting Rock was the number 3 guy

and probably felt losing to Austin would make him look the number 2 superstar in the company of all time. so losing to rock made no difference to his overall status but who is number 1 between Austin and Hogan is debatable and one going over the other would have cemented in a lot of peoples minds.
If it were 98 or early 99 yes but by mid 99-02 Rocky was top man and fan favorite. Even once Steve returned late 2000 Vince still had Rock as face of the WWF doing all the mainstream appearances over Steve. I think some peeps cant accept that Steve had his time on top then Rock took over as the top man. By 2002 the gap between Steve and Rocky was massive given Rocks huge mainstream success.

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