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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Ah, Big protected me? Hmmm.

Big wouldn't protect two scum teammates. One tracker result would then pin 3 scum, pretty much dooming his team, unless you look at it like myself and Mikey. Not worth the risk whatsoever. Also he could have just realized that Scrilla was the only real option to be vigged, therefore thought he would protect a townie too incase he was tracked or I was watched or something.

His PM is strange. Just saying he can protect two players, not sure he can use it on his teammates, or atleast not two. Fucking overpowered if he is allowed to protect two teammates.
Nov, I can't see scum protecting you on Night 1 instead of killing you. You're too good of a player and I think it's foolish role usage to use a scum protective role on a townie. That's basically wasting a protection that scum members want and need for themselves. Not many people were suspicious of Big Man on day 1 so they probably didn't think there was much of a risk in him being tracked or being caught with a role that could bring two scum down with him. I feel like you're reaching big time, here.

It looks like we're in fact dealing with just one scum group so I'm guessing they're pretty large and powerful. Plus it doesn't make sense to give a scum team a role like that where they can't use solely on their team.

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