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Re: The Wrestling Wars

Eric Bischoff recently held a meeting with the entire locker room of World Championship Wrestling talent. Bischoff confirmed that he had purchased the company, and that things in WCW were going to be different this time round. This time round was going to be all about building and making new young stars, with just enough help from the more established guys to keep things interesting. Everybody needed to trust Bischoff, although almost everybody would have to take a pay cut. The company could simply not afford to leak money this early on in their rebuilding stage. Several wrestlers were happy to stay on with WCW, whilst several decided to sit out their Turner-AOL contracts and get a huge payout. The three names that WCW is said to be most disappointed with not being able to retain, are surprisingly, three of Bischoff’s close friends, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Bischoff could not be reached for comment, but it’s believed that he feels that despite their sometimes testing attitudes, that much star power is a formidable loss with WCW’s future on the line. There is said to have been other roster changes however they will be made known at a later date.

Eric Bischoff has continued on his quest to find an establishment for World Championship Wrestling, and he needs to look no more. With the help of FOX, they’ve been able to organise to have their show emanate from Soundstage 21 in the Universal Studios Florida. A lot of people tend to believe this studio will not be idea for the rebuilding of WCW, but as far as the company is concerned, they need somewhere to at least start.

Towards the end of the Turner era of World Championship Wrestling, the booking seemed to simply go from bad to worse. Nobody really wanted to take blame for the downfall of WCW, and truthfully it was probably everybody’s fault in part, but the new owner of WCW Eric Bischoff had other ideas. He held the disgraceful product that WCW had been putting on for the final months on one man and one man only, the head booker Vince Russo. Russo is known as being one of the minds that masterminded the rise of the World Wrestling Federation, however he was unable to recapture the magic with WCW. Bischoff also personally detests Russo which just made the decision that much sweeter. A representative of WCW has said that whilst Bischoff has done many amazing things throughout his time in WCW, he has said to be almost the most personally satisfied he’s ever been after firing Vince Russo. And for those of you who care, this does seem to be a new Eric Bischoff and a new WCW, as he fired Russo to his face, not over the phone.

There’s a saying not just in the wrestling world, but in the real world as well. It is if you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s exactly the motto that Eric Bischoff is living by at the moment, as in this point in time, Eric Bischoff has announced himself as the new head booker of WCW. He believes he has the knowledge and the defiance to slowly rebuild WCW, everything that is taking place is the vision of Bischoff, hence why naming himself head booker will be the logical choice.

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