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Re: Why did Hogan job to The Rock, but not Austin?

Originally Posted by Icon_Vs_Icon View Post
Do any of you people even care about facts? Steve was never the first choice to face Hulk, that is a indisputable fact. Steve was arranged to lose the undisputed title to Hunter at Wrestlemania x8 but turned it down then was slated to lose to Hall until he got the finish changed the day of Mania. Steve has said in many candid interviews he was only offered Hulk once he retired for a couple of years then turned it down.

People blow this whole "beef" they had way out of proportion. Hulk debuted in WCW July 94 while Steve left early 95, that means they spent less than 1 year together in WCW so how could Hulk bury him? Hulk did turn down an idea for Steve to be his step brother and thats probably why Steve made fun of Hulk in ECW but Steve has said many times he wanted to work with Hulk.
But Hogan has said plenty of times that he had heat with Austin. So there's not like it's nothing to the story.

Back in 1993, Austin & Pillman were over with the fans as the Hollywood Blondes. Bischoff, seeing how over Austin was and due to Pillman being injured, broke the team up, gave Austin the US Title and promised him a future match with the World Champion.

Supposedly, Flair wanted to feud with Austin in the summer of 1994 (off the strength of their previous feud) and eventually drop the title to him but the plan was changed when Hogan signed to WCW. Then, Austin was placed in a feud with Steamboat, where Steamboat won the US Title but got injured shortly after and Bischoff awarded the title to Austin. Minutes later, he loses it to Duggan. Supposedly, Austin didn't want to do the job but went along with it because he was still being promised a World Title match, this time with Hogan.

When he got injured in Japan, Bischoff fired him over the phone. If I'm not mistaken, Bischoff said he wanted to conduct interviews with Austin while he was injured and when he sent Schiavone to interview him, he could hear Austin cussing him out in the background on the phone, so he sent him a Fed Ex. Also heard that Bischoff & Hogan saw Austin was injury plagued, overpaid and not profitable.

It all depends on what people want to believe. In 1995, Austin had a legit case for disliking Hogan because the entire plan for Austin changed once Hogan came aboard. He never got the World Title match that he was promised and the 1 guy that was willing to work him for the title and was the head booker, basically lost all his power to Hogan.

Now, with the success Austin has had and the fact that he wanted to be released, you can't go off interviews that he's cut in the past 8-10 years and say "he never had heat with Hogan", especially when Hogan admitted it was heat and Austin, back then, was legit pissed that he never got what he was promised in 94-95. He was held down by SOMEBODY, which explains his stance and attitude in the shoot promos he's done.

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