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Re: Ziggler deserves better than the World Title.

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
Let me start this off by saying I'm a huge Ziggler fan.

The WHC is the perfect belt for him going forward. He's still average to good on the mic, but nothing special at this point. Being that the WHC is essentially the IC title today, it's the perfect belt for potential main eventers to move up by way of experience and exposure in promos (think Daniel Bryan). His delivery and cadence is still erratic and rushed, both of which are from nervousness that will fade with more and more mic time. He's great in-ring, has a great look and mannerisms, but is being held back by his promo ability. The only way to fix that is loosen up the scripts and push him in front of the camera more and more (by himself being optimal). If it works out, he can be bumped up into the WWE title scene after WM, but if he fails to make that main event level he can simply be cycled back down without any real tarnishing of the WHC belt.

The lack of opportunity in promos before upper midcard status is one of WWE's biggest downfalls, one they need to fix for future prospects. Imagine the Rock not getting the mic time he was afforded during the NOD.
This post is right on the money. I think the thing with Ziggler is he is *sort of* getting pushed, but it's the wrong kind. Pairing him up with AJ and some dude nobody heard of before just isn't the right plan, also, they are making it look like Big E is the better wrestler... which is obviously not true, but that's how it's playing out on TV.

But yeah, the biggest issue is his promo's... which seem to slightly get better, but simply aren't on the level they need to be at. Kind of off topic here, for as much as people hate back stage politicians, I can sort of understand why they exist. When you have someone like Ziggler losing to the Funkasaurus in 2 minutes like what happened earlier in the year, the dude should've flat out told them "no" lol.
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