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Re: IWC cliches

That the IWC is one collective entity. That somehow the entire IWC shares an entire opinion even though for every "cliche" you can come up with there are tons of people on this forum, on other forums, on YT, on Twitter, etc that share the opposite opinion. But then again those of you who complain about the "IWC" wouldn't get to fulfill your victim/underdog complex that makes you feel like you opinion is more valid than it is. Maybe those of you who complain about "IWC" and their "hypocrisy" and "cliches" should grow up and grow some balls and learn how to deal with other people's opinions better. The ironic and hilarious thing of if all is some of you who complain about the hypocrisy of the IWC and how the IWC thinks it knows it all are in fact acting exactly like the people you're complaining about. Complaining about how a group of people act like know it alls because of an opinion they hold that you disagree with while at the same time expressing how your opinion is the correct one and how is a person was truly smart they would agree with your opinion is the definition of hypocrisy.

By the way, a lot of the things listed here are things I heard wrestling fans that don't even go near the internet discuss in public.
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