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Re: Ziggler deserves better than the World Title.

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
Cena is far more charismatic that Ziggler, has a more marketable look, looks like he can kick someone's ass, and is light years away from Ziggler on the mic. Cena's promo content is god awful but his delivery can't be denied. Plus, Cena's delivers when it comes to big time matches. Plus he's been having a lot of good TV matches for some time now.

Orton has got one of the best looks on the roster. Orton's a really good and puts on good matches all the time. He's a monotone robot on the mic now, but he killed it in his heel days. You give Randy Orton a heel turn and he'll blow Ziggler out of the water. Plus he' really charismatic (no matter what some of the people here say...he wouldn't have become the top heel of the company or get the pops he does without a buttload of it).

You don't have to like these guys, I certainly don't, but you can't write off their talents. I'm a fan of Ziggler, but he has in no way shown he's better than either of the guys you've mentioned.
it's just funny to me how "look" is so important even to fans. As long as a guy can entertain, who cares how he looks?

"Cena's promo content is god awful but his delivery can't be denied"

isn't that the whole point? sure his delivery is fine I guess, but I'm a bit old to enjoy someone with a stupid smile on his face screaming "yayyyy!!! wiener jokes!!" or even spray painting "tehe my opponent likes poopy" back when he was feuding with JBL. The guy is overrated and too many people cut him slack when he can't even touch guys like Ziggler... you know, guys who can actually execute their own moves accurately, take their own promos seriously, and guys who don't have the mind of a 9 year old. What makes you think that Ziggler wouldn't deliver in a big time match? has he even been in many?

As for Orton, once again you proved my point. He was a lot better back in 04, but that doesn't mean he's the same guy right now. Walking at a snails pace to the ring, constantly squinting his eyes, devoid of any actual facial expression, monotone voice, DECENT wrestling ability. I mean, he's definitely watchable but how on earth do fans illustrate him as this untouchable guy? why is Ziggler not capable of being in the same league as someone who isn't even that spectacular? Ziggler looks pretty damn good to me when he's in the ring with these two. He's just booked to look like a total loser.

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