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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Togi Makabe vs Tomohiro Ishii - NJPW 23.12.2012
Put the end of this onto the rest of the Tanaka/Ishii match and you'll have one hell of match. This is these two working the match you'd expect from these two at a good standard until Ishii decides to take it up a gear and make his stamp on the match. The final few minutes of this are just incredible and without trying to degrade Makabe, it's all down to Ishii and easy it is to get behind him as the underdog who goes down but never goes down easily. The trading lariats sequence was really great and Ishii's selling showing the gradual demise after each blow was a thing of beauty. Crowd really get into it after this sequence too and Korakuen behind underdog Ishii is a faultless formula. If you wanna see how you do a dramatic kickout at one then Ishii's kickout at one here is exactly how you do it. Popped my collar after Ishii's lariat. Lovin how Ishii's getting more exposure recently from working big tags in the Tag League and two big singles matches in Korakuen with this and the upcoming Tanaka match. I'm just dreaming of how great Ishii in a G1 could be this. This year. Please.


Minoru Suzuki vs Jushin Liger - NJPW 23.12.2012
Geez, Liger's face looks really old without the full mask on. This is basically worked shoot style rather than your usual New Japan style but it's these two and they make that work. Similar to the TAKA/MiSu match in layout with Suzuki dominant for the majority of the match on the mat until the Jr. gets an opening they take advantage of. There's a little less depth to this one though but the work is more focused. Suzuki targeting the leg was great and matched in quality by Liger's selling. Loved the attack on the floor. Big problem I have with some lucha matwork is how co-operative it can be but they fight for every hold here and it's easy to get invested in. Liger's shoot rolling kicks looked pretty bad. Suzuki might very well be Puro WOTY. Probably give Okada the edge but Suzuki really isn't far behind. Tons of variety at all spots on the card, reliably consistent and delivered big time in his two main events with one of the best individual performances all year.


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