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A WWE Mistake From Ring of Honor

A WWE Mistake From Ring of Honor

Well it's that time of the year, wrasslin' fans.

Final battle 2012 is in the books, and weeks later, we're still watching repeats of Ring of Honor Wrestling.

These days the repeats are actually from the pay per view itself. And that's a lot of fun for people like me, who didn't watch the PPV in the first place. But probably not so much fun if you shelled out fifteen bucks to buy the damned thing.

Another complaint for another time ...

Right now I wanna talk to you about how Ring of Honor shit all over the prestige of their TV title.

At the event, Matt Hardy beat Adam Cole with a kick to the nuts. Fair enough, I think. If a guy can just walk up to ya and kick you in the balls, you're weren't gonna win the match anyway.

But my beef with Ring of Honor is this: This was a non-title match. Why?

Wrestling isn't held to the same standards as other story telling mediums. This is a great example.

What's Ring of Honor telling us here? Is Matt Hardy out of Adam Cole's league? Is the TV title beneath him?

Boy, doesn't that drive the prestige of the title through the fucking roof? Why even have the match?

Maybe it's a contract issue? Hardy isn't gonna stick around? Was this was a one time deal?

Then why did he even get a shot?

We see this all the time in the WWE but this is Ring of Honor! The promotion that takes wrestling seriously! That promotes it as a real sport!

In the mythology of Professional Wrestling, why would anyone wanna wrestle Adam Cole? Wouldn't I wanna wrestle Matt Hardy? The guy that beat him?

As far as I'm concerned, until some one else is wearing the strap, the Ring of Honor TV title is a piece of tin. It's worthless. And that's a shame because I think it used to be one of the few second tier titles belts that actually meant something.

Former champ Eddie Edwards went on to win the World Championship. That feels like a long time ago now.

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