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Re: TNA X-Travaganza One Night Only Spoilers

I was at the show. I'd say it was about on par with DX 2012 in terms of overall quality. Some brief match thoughts.

Xscape: A bit of a clunky match. They did tags for a bit, which really annoys me in a cage match but when you have 7 people, it can obviously get a bit crowded. Nothing bad, but nothing particularly memorable. Had it just been five people and Shaw/Silva been excluded, I feel like it could have been a stronger match work-wise.

Doug & Kash/Nese & Sabian: Good match. Nese looked very awesome and got to have a very hot run following a hot tag. Sabian looked pretty good too. Having seen them tag twice today, I liked Doug/Kash as a team. Had some pretty funny lines and they work in an old school veteran type of way.

Chavo/Robbie: Probably shortest match of the night. Nothing too memorable.

Ultimate X: Much better UX than the one at DX 2012 by comparison. Lots of good spots. The ending sort of bothered me because I was very excited to see Jigsaw get a surprise win until KK soured that, but I guess that is what they were going for so I should not complain too much.

Daniels & Kazarian/Petey & Dutt: I feel like if this match had another five minutes, it could have been ****+ type material. With that said, still a very good match. Dutt continues to look like one of the most underutilized guys in the business and Petey was in great shape.

Jerry Lynn/Rob Van Dam: Better than their DX 2011 match and it might be RVD's best outing in TNA up to this point (not that that is saying much). Very, very good match with a lot of throwbacks to their matches from the past, as one would expect. The plunder in it was very good.

Austin Aries/Samoa Joe: Great main event. MOTN as one would expect. They gave it a lot of time. Maybe 18 - 20+? These two always work incredibly well together and it was no exception here. Can't wait to see this one on tape.

Last four matches alone make it worth the $15 in addition to the Doug tag. Only negative I could say, which is a catch with doing two shows in one day as well as the show having a lot of "unknowns" to most people is that the crowd did not necessarily favor a lot of the talents. There were occasional chants here and there, but when they are mostly unknown wrestlers to most in addition to no real storyline involvement, some fans don't get as invested and it showed here. However, that does not take away from the in-ring work which was absolutely a thumbs up.
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