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Default Re: Ziggler deserves better than the World Title.

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
Nope, nope, nope. I love Bryan, and I love how he's been handled for the last yr (the 2nd coming of Kurt Angle). But Ziggler's better. You want a small, cheating escapist as your world champion? Dolph Ziggler. He should've won MITB and cashed in on Big Show a yr ago, and he should've lost to Sheamus at Mania. Had Bryan/Sheamus been an actual match, I'm sure Ziggler/Sheamus would have been better. Ziggler is such a great entertainer, and is just soooo good at making his opponents look good. A lot of veterans say that today's wrestlers "don't know how to tell a story," that its just pretty moves over and over, that there's no difference between good and bad. Ziggler is precisely the opposite of this in how well he plays the heel: evasive, selling, cheating, talking talking talking (even while in the ring) despite your 'suckiness' in the ring. Bryan did a great job with the strap, don't get me wrong, but Ziggler would've been better. Ziggler surviving those matches with Big Show and Mark Henry would have been pure gold. I don't think there's a better in-ring actor today than Ziggler, and I think only Rock was better in how emotionally expressive he is every single moment.
Did you not watch Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at Extreme Rules? It was one of the best PPV matches of 2012 and better than any Sheamus vs Ziggler matches I have seen so far. Also you can't prove that ziggler would have been better if he were to take Daniel Bryans spot as World Champion. Because first of Daniel Bryan developed a character that made him over. He sold T-shirts and gets/got some of the best crowd reactions. That alone proves Daniel Bryan did his job as a main event level competitor and got his character over like any guy that is given the spotlight should do. Daniel Bryan also helped develop AJs current character. I don't see how you can say Dolph Ziggler would have done a better job at playing Daniel Bryans character as World Champion, especially since Daniel Bryan got the character over pretty big.

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